5 Tips to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

upgrade kitchen

Now is the best time to think about upgrading your home. The housing market is on the upturn, so you want to make sure you get the best deal for your own home. It still makes sense to invest in your home even if you are not planning to sell it for your own satisfaction. You don’t even have to spend all that much to make it happen. Here are 5 tips to upgrade your home on a budget.

1. Bathroom fixes

image of bathroom being remodeled

Bathrooms upgrade that should be one of the first things on your upgrade list if you have a small budget. It is the most used room in the home next to the kitchen, so anything extra you do to make it better can pay dividends. Of course, you should prioritize problems like leaky pipes or busted up tiles. Otherwise, prettying up an otherwise intact bathroom is always a good way to go.

Your makeover can be as easy as replacing the hardware of your cabinets, toilet seat, faucets, and showers to give your bathroom a new look. Save some water by installing a low-flush showerhead and toilet. You can also remove old grout or caulk and put in fresh ones quite easily.
If you want to do something a little more for your bathroom, think about putting in granite or marble vanity tops or bathroom surrounds, or maybe even new flooring. Heated floors are something you can consider if you have a bit of cash to make those early mornings a bit more comfortable.

2. Additional storage

Kitchen cabinetsStorage is very important for any home. You can never have enough of them, especially if you live in a small house. The two rooms that can benefit most from more cabinets are the kitchen and the bathroom. Any broker will tell you that improving these rooms in any capacity will upgrade your home value, even if you don’t go whole hog with the renovations, and adding cabinets is one of them.
You can get custom Schrock cabinets to fit awkward corners and between appliances to maximize the available space. If your budget can stand a bit more, consider doing up your whole kitchen with new soft-close cabinets for the kitchen or other rooms in the house that can do with an upgrade. If you have DIY chops, you could save a bit of money with installation if you choose RTA cabinets, such J&K Cabinets. 


3. New paint

kitchen or bath being paintedNow this is something you really want to do with a small renovation budget. New paint can rejuvenate a room like nobody’s business, and it takes just a few dollars and elbow grease to do it on your own. Even if you hire a professional, it will still be worth the expense.

Focus first on rooms where the paint is cracked, chipped, or worn. If you just have a few problems, a little touch up may be all you need. If you think the room could do with a complete overhaul, express yourself by picking colors you like. The great thing about paint is they are easy to change. If you feel you’ve made a mistake, you can always choose another color. You can even do it yourself as a DIY project. If you are planning to sell your house anytime soon, go ahead with the overhaul but go for neutral colors so homebuyers can do their own projecting in their own time.

4. Open layout

kitchen with open floor plan exposing living area or dining roomSpace is at a premium in any house, but especially for smaller ones. You can upgrade your space without having to create anything new by simply knocking down a few non-load bearing walls. An open space layout is a good way to upgrade the look of your home, giving it a free-flowing effect that makes any space look twice as big as it is.

You can help this effect along by using the same color for the walls and cabinets, especially if there are significant differences in the flooring. If you are opening the kitchen to the living and/or dining room, you can mask the difference in flooring by installing a bar or island at the point where they meet, making a smoother transition. You can also put on a layer of laminate or hardwood click and lock flooring on top of the original floors for a quick and cost-effective floor upgrade.

5. Nice lawn

manicured lawnDon’t underestimate the value of a neat lawn for increasing the value of your home. The front lawn is the first thing people see, and it reflects how well you take care of your property. Whether you want to make a good impression on house guests or home buyers, you should start with your front lawn.

Initially, you can get some landscaping done to put down the basics for you if your lawn is bare. Afterwards, you can put in your own additions. Keep a regular schedule for keeping your lawn in good heart. Make sure you trim the grass and shrubs, remove dead leaves and twigs, and keep your trees in good condition. This not only makes your lawn look neat. It prevents problems that dead branches, tangled shrubs, and overgrown grass can bring to your property. It only takes a strong wind to send a dead branch hurtling through your window.  A wet spell to start molds growing around the foundation of your home.

Updating Your Home

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