5 Ways to Accentuate Your Brand-New Kitchen Countertops

kitchen countertops

Brand new kitchen cabinets are a great move towards turning your cooking space into a delight. Not only do cabinetry help with style, but functionality as well. This is critical to enhancing your time spent in the kitchen.

Storage space is a must so that you don’t have to worry about a cluttered countertop. There’s nothing worse than trying to prep meals in a messy kitchen. With the right kitchen cabinets, you can get rid of this issue – everything will finally have a place to call its own.

This includes your appliances, food items, cleaning supplies and cookware. If you’re on the search for new kitchen cabinets but would like some other design ideas to accent your new addition, then continue reading.

We will discuss some of inspirations to help you get the kitchen design you really desire.

1. Contrast Your Countertops with the Kitchen Cabinets

5 Ways to Accentuate Your Brand-New Kitchen Countertops

Now, there are many ways you can add emphasis to the presence of your new set of kitchen cabinets. For instance, if you decide to go with dark chocolate cabinetry, you can opt for a tan or cream-colored countertop.

This contrast will go seamlessly together. You can choose a quality surface, such as a stone, solid surface or even concrete. There are many durable materials you can opt for that come in an array of light and dark color options.

2. Match the Cabinets with the Floors

Kitchen with matching cabinets and floors

You can also try matching your cabinets with the floors. This is a commonly overlooked area, unless the floors need repair and restoration. However, don’t wait for it to get to this point. Start making plans now to enhance the look of your kitchen.

For instance, if you opt for light colored cabinets, you can go with a light colored wooden floor. Or if you prefer ceramic or another tile material, try to choose something like the color of your cabinetry.

Matching the two will help make the tone more dramatic and will emphasize both areas.

3. Get a Kitchen Island and More Wall Cabinetry

Kitchen with island and lots of cabinets

Cabinets are all about having lots of storage and plenty of style. For this reason, it’s recommended that you opt to have as many cabinets installed as you possibly can. Look for all wall space you can use to hang cabinets.

You can also install an island that’s equipped with matching cabinets. You can never have too many cabinets. Over time, you will collect more and more kitchen devices and you’ll need some place to put them.

If you don’t have the space to build a pantry, then cabinets are the second-best option.

4. Accent the Color Scheme of Your Kitchen with Backsplashes

Kitchen with tile or stone backsplashes

The colors of your kitchen can be accented using different areas. We’ve covered the floors and counters, now it’s time to talk about backsplashes.

You’ll find this in many modern kitchens today. They’re ideal for protecting your wall paint from splattering food and liquids. Plus, it can help enhance your kitchen’s look and flare. There are a few choices you can go with.

You can opt to have your backsplash contrast or match your countertops. Then you can choose a material that’s the same as your counters or made with tile. Subway tile is quite popular today and has been for a few decades.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure the backsplash is made with good quality, just like your counters.

5. Get the Lighting Right

Kitchen with a lot of windows or light fixtures

There are many ways you can improve the lighting in your kitchen. The first idea would be to install more windows in the kitchen. There’s nothing like fresh natural lighting emanating from the sun. Choose light colored drapes, so the sunlight isn’t blocked.

However, if the position of your kitchen fails to allow a lot of natural light in, then artificial lighting will have to do. There are so many different types of lighting fixtures you can consider.

For instance, you can go with unique hanging lights, bar lights, recessed lights and chandeliers. Shop around to see what style of lights would best suit your kitchen design.

Buying New Kitchen Cabinets

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