Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets You Really Need

kitchen cabinets

Any kitchen is sure to have some type of storage, and that usually takes the form of kitchen cabinets. Aside from storage, kitchen cabinets are also an integral part of the kitchen’s design.

Kitchen cabinets represent a considerable investment, so it is important to choose good quality products that will last a long time. However, quality RTA or mass-produced cabinets have standard dimensions, so they may not always provide the kind of storage you need for everything.
Most cabinetmakers know this, so they usually offer a line of storage accessories you can use to supplement kitchen cabinets. The design of these accessories will allow you to maximize your storage space and let you use your space most efficiently.


3-stack drawers
The most common accessories you will find in kitchens are drawers, which go with base cabinets. When you order your kitchen cabinets, you typically have to specify what kind of drawers you need and how many. This will be part of your design, so it should be easy enough to get what you need.
Drawers are particularly useful, especially for keeping fiddly kitchen tools organized. They are easy to access and flexible in terms of function. In most cases, you want two or three top drawers to keep cutlery and the like, and perhaps a stack of here drawers.

Corner cabinets

corner cabinet with Lazy Susan
Corner cabinets take care of the area between two cabinets that are at right angles to each other. These spaces are difficult because the angle makes doors a problem. You can put open shelves in that space, but corner cabinets provide a seamless look to your cabinets.
In most cases, corner cabinets are difficult to access, so manufacturers offer pullouts and Lazy Susans for them. Corner drawers are also available if you want one, but make sure you get some advice on what will best work for your layout.


vertical divider
Kitchen cabinets come with or without shelves, but if you choose one with standard dimensions, it typically has one or two shelves. However, the space may still be awkward for some things such as chopping boards and baking trays.
The best way to store these types of things is vertically, and for that, you need dividers. You can typically dictate how far away these dividers are relative to each other, so you can store cookie sheets equally well as pot lids, and keeping them upright helps you avoid a messy pile in these designated cabinets.

Vertical dividers are particularly useful for cabinets that are from 9 to 12 inches wide. You can also use them for wider cabinets if you have a lot of stuff to put in.

Spice racks

12-inch tiered spice pull-out unit
Most people keep spice racks on the countertop, and this is fine if you have just a few of them. However, it becomes more difficult keeping them organized if you have a few dozen of those fiddly bottles in your kitchen. You might be able to keep them in a drawer, but finding the one you need might be difficult as you are looking at the caps and not the labels.

The solution for this is a pullout spice rack or spice unit. These usually come in two varieties: special base drawers or wire racks. Base drawers typically narrow pullout units that have the same depth and height of your base cabinets, but much narrower. They can fit neatly on the side of the cabinet, and most people prefer to keep it next to the cook top.

Wire racks for spices either install inside a base or wall cabinet, but typically in wall cabinets because they are eye-level and more visible. These are multi-tiered rack that you can pull out by section to access what you need.
As with the special base drawer, you should keep your wall cabinet spice racks within easy reach of the cooking area for better efficiency. If you have a lot of spice bottles and other flavoring, you might want to consider getting a pair of these special accessories for them.

Trash units

trash pullout
Just like spice racks, cabinet manufacturers might have a line of trash units as pullouts for base cabinets. Trash containers are inevitable in kitchens. But they are not very attractive out in the open. Trash units keep them near at hand, but out of sight.
Trash units are usually standard sized base cabinets that come with a pullout system, so when you open the door, the trash bins come out. These are available in single and double units, but since most people recycle, a double unit might be a smarter choice. If you have the option, go for a soft-close cabinet.


These accessories for kitchen cabinets are a misnomer, because they are not optional for most homeowners. You might incur additional expenses if you include them in your design, but it is well worth the cost in terms of space and work efficiency.

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