Awesome Bathroom Remodeling Designs for 2020

beautiful bathroom with dark wood cabinets

Bathroom remodeling is definitely something you want to do before the big holidays. It is disruptive, but you can just get it done in tie if you get a reliable contractor to do it for you. Your biggest concern should be the design. It’s nearing the end of 2019, so you want your design elements to carry over to 2020. Here are some awesome bathroom remodeling designs for 2020.

Wood unit

Grey became a fashion for a few years in bathroom remodeling, and it is still a classic look. However, its popularity has faded somewhat, as the chilly color is not to everyone’s taste. What is coming back with some enthusiasm are the warmer colors associated with wood, particularly darker cabinets. They go with most existing color palettes such as white, green, blue, and the oh-so-popular spa bathrooms.
Wood cabinets are incredibly versatile, so you will not have to change anything else in the bathroom. It goes with both Victorian and modern styles, serving as a complement or balancing element, However, if you are going all out with your bathroom remodel, you might want to go for a truly unique look. Consult with your remodeling contractor for out-of-the-box ideas!

Streamlined storage

bathroom with flat-fronted cabinets and drawers
Clunky storage spaces are out, and the minimalist look is in. This year, upgrade your bathroom with space-efficient cabinet systems that present a streamlined look for your bathroom. A sleek look often promotes calm and relieves stress, so store your towels, toilet, paper, and other bathroom stuff behind closed doors. Forget about shelves, as they break up the visual line.
Choose flat-fronted cabinets and deep drawers, and consider tall cabinets to maximize the vertical space. Floating drawers and cabinets under the sink will give you some breathing space as well. Keep down the clutter, and you will have a sanctuary from the rest of the home.

Colorful life

With gray out, and dark wood cabinets dominating the scene, it would be good to add some color to the rest of the room. Accent walls, fixtures, hardware, and accessories in a non-neutral color can dictate the mood and atmosphere of the bathroom. Certain shades of blue, for instance, have a calming effect, although some shades tend to denote sadness, so you have to choose carefully. Green is also a good choice, especially if you choose the darker shades that denote nature and a sense of wellness.
Blue and green are just the most popular colors. Other colors such as orange, pink, or purple can also look very attractive for your design. Choose colors that reflect your overall personality and lifestyle, and you will want to spend a significant amount of time in there.

Pink bathrooms

One of those unlikely colors for bathrooms that is receiving much attention is pink. Instead of using it for just accents or fixtures, however, you might want consider making it the dominant color. Pink walls are very popular today, although may people shy away from the lighter shades and go for the deeper, old rose or rose gold shades. You can find drawer pulls, faucets, and bathtubs in these colors, which would go very well with the walls and the wood cabinets.

Larger bathtubs and showers

When you do bathroom remodeling, you pretty much have control over the space. With storage that are more compact and space-efficient toilets, you can go all out with your shower and bathroom options. Here are the trends.

Bigger bathtubs

Relaxing in a bathtub went out of fashion for a few years when many bathrooms got too small to accommodate them. With better space management, you can now indulge in the spa experience with bigger bathtubs, maybe even a hot tub for a truly relaxing soak. You might have to spend a bit more to get bigger bathtubs, but you deserve it.

Frameless showers

Frameless shower stalls create the illusion of an open shower without the mess, and keeps your bathroom looking spacious. You also avoid nasty slips when trying to get out of the shower as frameless showers have no discernable border. Such openness might be a little intimidating for shy people, but it does do wonders for the visual space.

Underfloor heating

No one wants to step on to a freezing cold bathroom floor in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. Underfloor heating is a great idea to incorporate into your design if you are planning a complete bathroom remodel. It involves ripping up your floors and putting in a subfloor, if necessary, so you should get a pro to do it for you.
Underfloor heating is not technically a design feature, but it can keep your bathroom floor toasty warm, so we are leaving it in her. You will be glad you did once the winter months roll around.


Bathroom remodeling is a long and stressful process, but the rewards are worth it. You can also opt to change just some of the elements such as kitchen cabinets if that is more your speed. Whichever way you go, keep these awesome bathroom remodeling designs for 2020 in mind.
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