Bathroom Remodeling: Ideas that Actually Give You an ROI

bathroom renovation

Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be an expense that goes without reward. If you handle things right, you could potentially earn yourself a nice return on investment. Those who are looking to one day resell their property may wonder how they can remodel their bathrooms with the ROI in mind.

On average, between 60% and 65% of bathroom remodeling costs is returned after resale. However, there are others who are getting more than 100% of what they spend on their bathroom remodel.

If you’re looking to fall in the latter group, then you’re going to have plans to do a bathroom and kitchen remodeling that will make it stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the ways you can do just that. Let’s take a closer look at your bathroom remodeling options.

Choose a Bathtub that Will Make a Statement

bathroom with a large sit in tub and stone surround

There’s no denying it – home buyers love bathrooms with luxury features. Rather than going with a basic tub, you can go for something a bit more outlandish.

Today, tubs are pretty much blotted out of the remodeling plans, since most homeowners are replacing them with large stand-alone shower stalls. However, you can do the opposite by installing a tub with beautiful features, such as a stone surround made with engineered quartz, marble or granite.

This can be a deep set in bathtub featuring water jets and a large circumference to really enjoy your experience.

If your budget is an issue, consider going with veneer or composite materials.

Implement a Barn Door

bathroom with a barn door

Barn doors are all the rave right now, especially since they have so many practical installations. For instance, in the bathroom, you can have a barn door separating the toilet area.

Now, you don’t have to keep the barn door rustic looking either – you can scrub, sand and paint it. You can complement the wooden doors with matching bathroom vanities made with wood. You can have the stain identical so that the bathroom décor is seamless.

Some barn doors come with opaque or ombre colored glass. Also, don’t overlook the hardware of the barn door to help make it look even better.

Install Faux Wooden Tile in the Shower

shower stall with faux wooden tile

Say you decide to go with a shower stall over a bathtub. Or maybe you have both. Either way, you can give the shower stall more pizzazz by adding faux wood tiles to the walls.

This will give it a spa-like feel that offers a calming effect. When you visit a spa, you’ll find that many of the settings have wood, greenery and water. This is because these elements are very relaxing.

Consider adding stone tiles to the flooring of your shower stall to enhance the earthy vibe of the shower area. You can even have the stone floors match the stone countertops you install atop your bathroom vanity.

Install Natural Stone Bathroom Countertops

bathroom with countertops made with granite or marble

You won’t get very far impressing home buyers if you’re using low-quality materials, such as laminate. While this is a cheap option that looks a lot like the real deal stones, you won’t get much of an ROI. This is because home buyers aren’t really into the faux stone countertops as much as they are into the real deal.

These natural stones should be professionally sealed so that they last longer and are more durable. Stone counters can last decades with the right care.


Use Vertical Storage Space in the Bathroom

bathroom with floating shelves and wall cabinets

Storage space is limited in most bathrooms, which calls for added storage space. There are different forms of storage you can add to your restroom. For instance, you can implement floating shelves or additional wall cabinets.

Vertical space is your friend when it comes to adding storage space. Home buyers will greatly appreciate this gesture, especially those with large families.

Even if you decide not to sell, these added features will still benefit you and your family.


Consider a Complete Bathroom Makeover

Don’t just focus on one area of your bathroom during the remodel. You’ll find that many home buyers are looking for houses with gorgeous bathrooms. If your restroom is less than that, then it will hurt your chances of a resale.

Bathrooms and kitchens play a major role in the decision-making process of buying a home. If you can add all the right features and luxury materials, then your bathroom design will greatly help the sale of your property.

Finding Products for Your Bathroom Remodel

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