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Kitchen Renovations

Top Tips for Awesome Kitchen Renovations

So, you are thinking about kitchen renovations to kick off the New Year? Wonderful! It is a wise investment, as improving the form and function of your kitchen will make a vast difference to you as a homeowner, and for any prospective homebuyers when the time comes. Renovations are also a great way to fix any problems you currently have. The hard part is deciding what you should prioritize. Here are some top tips for awesome kitchen renovations. 1. Get new cabinets Outdated or downright ugly kitchen cabinets are a major problem for any kitchen even if they are still in good condition. Refacing is one option, but it can be more trouble than it is worth, and quite expensive to boot if you are

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Bathroom Renovations

Cool Color Combinations for Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are eminently functional, but the guest bathroom should look attractive as well. You can probably get away with a strictly utilitarian design, but not the guest bathroom. When considering updating your home as part of your new year bucket list, you might want to focus first on the guest bathroom. Bathroom renovations are usually a major undertaking, but if there is nothing actually wrong with your guest bathroom, you can just do a cosmetic update. The best way to do this is to change the color palette, and that should not be too difficult. The real problem is deciding on the color combinations. Here are some cool color combinations for bathroom renovations. The natural look You might feel doubtful about putting in wood planks

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kitchen design

Winter Renovations that Make Sense

Wintertime is all about the coming holidays, so we have a tendency to push any home renovations aside for the time being. The weather is cold, and there is a lot of comings and goings, not to mention the mountain of food prep you need to do. It may seem like the height of madness to even consider having any renovations done at this hectic time. However, the winter months may be the perfect time to do some renovations, and the tips below will help you realize which ones and how to do winter renovations that make sense. Think about your resources Time and money will be the biggest considerations for any home improvements you might want to do. Make a list of everything you

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bathroom remodel

How to Repair Your Water-Damaged Shower Walls

Your bathroom is a moisture-ridden place, which makes your floors, walls and counters susceptible to mold and mildew. This is especially true if you have products that are made with materials that are easily damaged by water. The issue is, even when you have a durable tile making up your shower walls, moisture can still find its way inside. It can seep through your tiles, leading to deterioration, mold and even leaks in your subfloor or ceiling. Fixing your water-damaged shower walls isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In the following guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can perform bathroom remodeling without causing more damage. Let’s look. Identifying the Wall Damage   It’s common for leaks to start in the lower portion of

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bathroom renovation

Bathroom Remodeling: Ideas that Actually Give You an ROI

Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be an expense that goes without reward. If you handle things right, you could potentially earn yourself a nice return on investment. Those who are looking to one day resell their property may wonder how they can remodel their bathrooms with the ROI in mind. On average, between 60% and 65% of bathroom remodeling costs is returned after resale. However, there are others who are getting more than 100% of what they spend on their bathroom remodel. If you’re looking to fall in the latter group, then you’re going to have plans to do a bathroom and kitchen remodeling that will make it stand out from the crowd. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the ways you can do just

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