Budget-Friendly Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

unappealing guest bathroom

Budget-Friendly Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Powder rooms are for guests, and on a good day, you make sure that it is spic and span. However, since most people do not use it every day, it tends to get less attention than regular bathrooms except when looking for additional storage. As a result, they can get a little ragtag and unappealing.
As powder rooms or guest bathrooms are among the first rooms most home-buyers see, an unattractive or messy one can create a bad impression about the rest of the home. The same is true for any guests that get a peek at it, and you do not want that on general principles. You need to make the effort to make your powder room a model, so to speak, of your homemaker skills.

The best way to do that is to keep your powder room clean and clutter-free. If it is outdated, you can carry out some minor upgrades that should not cost a lot. Here are some budget-friendly tips for bathroom remodeling for your powder room.

Create an illusion of space

white half-bath with mirrors

A good way to upgrade your powder room is to create an illusion of space. The typical powder room is small, hardly bigger than a closet with just a sink and toilet. It would be very easy to feel claustrophobic in one. While you probably will not be able to carve out more space for it on a limited budget, you can make it seem bigger.

One way is to pick out a light color palette for your powder room. The easy choice is white, but you can also choose a pale green, blue, or yellow. Aside from brightening up the room and making it seem more spacious, lighter colors are also more cheery and welcoming. You might want to do a bit of painting and consider putting in a white marble countertop, which will look fantastic in these color palettes.
You can also create an illusion of space by using mirrors. For this purpose, you want to choose larger mirrors with minimal framing so that it reflects and pushes back the wall behind it. You can also place a large bath mirror if there is a shower.

Add some wall accents

guest bathroom with decorated walls
Aside from choosing a lighter color palette to make your powder room look bigger and more cheerful, you can make it look more attractive by adding some accents or decorations on the wall. This is especially good when you have plain walls when a few leaves fluttering the wind or birds in flight can make a great impact. Use cutouts to put them in yourself and have some fun with it.

Alternatively, you can put in a framed reproduction of some famous painting as a point of interest. You can also try framing some great quotes, either funny or inspirational, depending on your personality. Choose carefully and it can attract the appreciation of your guests. Any of these accents have minimal costs, but big impact.

Replace the hardware

close-up of interesting bathroom faucet
Bathroom fixtures are available in many options today, many of them a far cry from the generic ones available from local hardware stores. You can choose from a range of beautiful or unusual faucets, towel bars, lights, cabinet pulls, toilet paper holders, and so on. Each one can be a focal point in your bathroom around which you can build a theme.

For example, if you choose a faucet that looks like an old-fashioned hand pump, you can choose similarly retro fixtures for the rest of the room. If you have Victorian style cabinet pulls and lights, build around those.
Find a fixture that calls to you and you have an interesting theme to help you upgrade your powder room into a conversation piece. It is easy enough to find one online, or you can look through the products offered by a local remodeling company.

Accessory to the fact

matching bath towels/seashells/decorative soaps on vanity
A very easy way to make your guest bathroom or powder room a lot more attractive is to use accessories. You can find many options for accessories specific to bathrooms online or in your local store, and many of them come in thematic sets.
If you are going for a nautical look, for example, finding nautical-inspired bath towels, soaps, lotions, and mirrors should be easy. Baskets, plastic bins, decorative boxes can look very attractive when arranged on your vanity. You can also use glass jars in interesting shapes or colors and fill them with bath salts, candles, or whatever suits your preferences.

Some people like to accessorize their powder rooms with fragrance, so consider putting incense holders, oil burners, or diffusers in attractive designs. You can go anywhere you want with accessories, and they will cost you just a few bucks.


Making your powder room or guest bathroom look more attractive does not have to be a major project costing a heap of money. These budget-friendly tips for bathroom remodeling can do the trick quite well.

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