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kitchen with under cabinet lights

A Guide to Choosing Under Kitchen Cabinet Lights

One of the most important elements in the kitchen is proper lighting. You can probably make do with any old light in the living room or bedroom, but the lights in the kitchen have to be just right for the way you work. You also have to consider the type of lighting you need to be in line with the look and design you want. In most cases, people associate kitchen lighting with overhead lights to keep the kitchen bright. The problem with many overhead lights is they often leave key areas in shadow, especially under the cabinets. You should definitely include under cabinet lights for your kitchen to not only make work easier, but also improve the esthetic. Under cabinet lights add focused illumination

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kitchen cabinets cover

What You Need to Know about Period Kitchen Cabinets Now

Moving into a brand-new house has its advantages, at least when built properly. All the pipes and wirings are up to the latest codes. And you are starting with a clean slate with all the rooms. However, if you are a fan of old homes and period pieces, you can still get that vibe in a modern home. You can do this most easily in the kitchen. Many manufacturers offer retro-style appliances. You are sure to find marble or granite countertops and sinks that fit into the period you hark back to you without sacrificing modern conveniences. However, creating the look of authenticity with kitchen cabinets takes a bit more work. Kitchens have evolved greatly over the years. Back in the day, kitchens were very

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modern kitchen with kitchen cabinets

Top 4 Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2019

Kitchen cabinets take up a lot of real estate in the kitchen. In most homes, you have both base and wall cabinets. Sometimes even tall cabinets that go from the floor to the ceiling. In all circumstances where you have cabinets of some type, you can be sure it will have a big impact on the kitchen design. Since this is the case, you want to choose kitchen cabinets that are not only good quality, but will not make your kitchen look outdated. Fortunately, designs for kitchen cabinets are not prone to fluctuations. Many popular designs today have been popular for decades, and show no signs of waning. That said, some trends have been making their way into cabinet designs. If you are considering a

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kitchen with beautiful cabinets

Popular Door Styles for Kitchen Cabinets to Inspire You

Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of the room, so they come with their fair share of consideration when doing a kitchen remodel. All cabinets have the same basic elements: the box and the door. The problem is there are so many door styles from which to choose, it can give you a headache choosing the right one for your upgraded kitchen. Here are some popular door styles for kitchen cabinets to inspire you. Shaker-style The Shaker-style cabinet door is a classic because of its simple lines. This door style features four panels making up the frame of the door, and a solid insert. It takes its inspiration from the style of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, best known as the

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small kitchen with kitchen cabinets

Tips for Maximizing Condo Kitchen Cabinets

Most people prefer smaller homes such as condos and apartments to keep their living costs low. Apart from lower rental rates or purchase prices, small spaces require less maintenance, and thus lower costs. It is the practical choice, but it does have a downside space. Condos and small apartments simply do not have the space for anything too big, certainly not the kitchen. The thing is, you can make a tiny kitchen work if you plan it well, and one of the most important things you need to plan is the kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips for maximizing condo kitchen cabinets. Go vertical The best way to keep horizontal space free is to go vertical. You need to choose kitchen cabinets that go all

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kitchen with RTA cabinets

A Comparison of RTA and Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Finding the perfect kitchen cabinets is hard. There are so many choices available from top cabinet brands carried by Cabinet Land such as Forevermark and Schrock cabinets. It is almost impossible to make the right choice without consulting an experienced cabinet supplier. Of course, one way to narrow down your choices is to consult your budget. Some cabinets are more expensive than others are, so that thins out the field a bit. In most cases, you will probably want to look through ready-made cabinets, rather than custom ones, because they are much more affordable. Even then, you still have quite a lot of ground to cover because you still have many options if you choose either ready-to-assemble (RTA) or assembled cabinets. Cabinet Land offers many

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kitchen with Thermofoil cabinets

Essential Facts about Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your new cabinets, you might want to consider Thermofoil kitchen cabinets. They are easy to maintain, which is always a good thing for busy homeowners, and they give a sleek and modern look to a kitchen. However, just like Formica was an affordable alternative to natural stone countertops, some people consider Thermofoil a cop out in terms of quality of construction and design. Here are some essential facts about Thermofoil kitchen cabinets you should know. Common misconceptions () The term “Thermofoil” gives some people the notion that there is some type of metal in its components, mostly because “foil” is usually associated with aluminum. However, Thermofoil kitchen cabinets has no metal in it whatsoever. They are

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nice kitchen with lots of cabinets

5 Red Flags for Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

It is understandable why many people are reluctant to replace their kitchen cabinets. It means taking out everything in the kitchen and looking for somewhere else to put them. Also it means requires a whole lot of time to tear them out and put new ones. Not to mention the expense of getting them in the first place. However, it may not be your decision. These 5 red flags indicate you need to replace your kitchen cabinets. Red flag 1: Water and other damage The most obvious red flag for replacing your kitchen cabinets is any type of major damage. There are many sources of damage in the kitchen since it is the most hardworking room in the home, except for the bathroom. The kitchen

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kitchen cabinets with cutouts

Interesting Facts about Cutout Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

To be or not to be? That is the question, and it occurs a lot when deciding on different things in a kitchen remodeling. Each choice you make can have a small but significant effect on the overall look and function of your kitchen and this is probably very true when deciding on your cabinet hardware. Here’s a thought: instead of agonizing over kitchen cabinet or drawer pulls or knobs, why not eliminate them altogether? You have probably seen many modern kitchens that present a completely smooth front because there are no cabinet or drawer pulls to stutter the eye, so you know that is one option. If grabbing the edges of your cabinets and drawers to open them is not to your taste, however,

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Shaker kitchen cabinets

Everything You Ever Wondered about Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a bit of a dozy for many homeowners. Most will not know the difference between one style and another, and many will not care. However, from a design perspective, it matters. One of the most popular styles is the Shaker kitchen cabinet. Here are a few things you might want to know about it before you make your final choice. What is it? A Shaker-style cabinet takes its name from a religious group that came to the US, the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, most often called the Shakers. They wanted to create a community that valued the simple things in life to foster honesty and integrity. They were self-sufficient, so they made much of what went into their

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