Cheap Tricks for Bathroom Remodeling

unappealing guest bathroom

Some homes are fortunate enough to have a powder room or guest bathroom people can use when they come and visit. Unfortunately, since you do not use guest bathrooms on a daily basis, they may not get as much attention as you would give to a regular bathroom. They also tend to become a repository for stuff that you only use on occasion, if at all. As a result, they tend to be less appealing.

This is a mistake, especially if you are planning to sell your home. Guest bathrooms are the first thing people see when they visit, and might make a bad impression you will have to work hard to overcome with the rest of the home.

Bathroom remodeling could do wonders in giving people a great experience in your home. Most guest bathrooms only need a bit of work, and do not have to cost the earth. Here are some things you can do to do right by your guest bathrooms.

Wall candy

guest bathroom with decorated walls
Most guest bathrooms are not much bigger than a large closet, so the walls make up a lot of the real estate. You can make it look much nicer by simply putting up some snazzy wallpaper, or decorating it with some attractive flowers, birds, or other cutouts of images with bold colors. This goes well with a neutral palette.

Reproductions of famous paintings might also work well with bolder color schemes. Van Gogh’s The Starry Night or Boticelli’s The Birth of Venus are good choices since they have some attractive colors. You might not want to put Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa or Edward Munch’s The Scream, however.
Wall candy will go a long way to making your guest bathroom striking, and you might even use it as central point for the rest of the room. Vinyl wallpaper will run you about $40 a roll, and depending on the size of your bathroom, average out at $500 for a professional job. You can get a 32” x 24” print of The Starry Night for as little as $13.99 without the frame.

Bigger is better
Another cheap trick for remodeling your guest bathroom is by making it look larger. Light colors do tend to make any space bigger, so you might want to consider repainting the walls and ceilings in white or other light color. Light colors also tend to make any room brighter and more cheerful, so consider white marble or granite vanity tops as well. Since most guest bathrooms get very little natural light, this is a good move.

You can also use mirrors to increase the illusion of space. Tiny bathrooms can look twice as big if you have a large mirror on one wall, such as over the vanity. The type of mirror you should choose will depend on the overall look of your bathroom. A Venetian-style mirror, for example, goes well with a Victorian-themed bathroom. A pair of mirrors can also work well if you have the right layout for it.

Hardware smarts

close-up of interesting bathroom faucet
Most guest bathrooms tend to be on the plain side with boring standard hardware such as faucets, cabinet pulls, and towel bars. Many options are available today for much more interesting hardware, so switch out your plastic toilet paper holder for something with a bit more character.
Faucets do tend to attract more attention than any other hardware in your guest bathroom, so get creative with your choice. Some models simulate the look of a hand pump (cute!), others look like a water ripple, while still others use LED lights to change the color of the water from blue to red depending on its temperature (fun!). The last one will only set you back $20, so that is something you can definitely afford.

Accessories galore

matching bath towels/seashells/decorative soaps on vanity
The fun part about upgrading your bathroom also requires the least effort: accessories! You have a tone of options in prettying up your guest bathroom, both in physical stores and online marketplaces. Check out Etsy and Amazon for some of the coolest bathroom’s accessories such as trash cans, bath salts, jars, soap dispensers, baskets, tissue holders, eve decorative soaps!

Matching towels and seashells can also definitely help tie in your design. However, the fun part is in browsing through the stuff available for any bathroom style. Unicorns and rainbows? Why not? Go crazy and pick out your favorites!


Bathroom remodeling does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. A little goes a long way, especially with guest bathrooms that do not have to stand up to a lot of wear. These cheap tricks for bathroom remodeling can help you get there.

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