Cool Color Combinations for Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are eminently functional, but the guest bathroom should look attractive as well. You can probably get away with a strictly utilitarian design, but not the guest bathroom. When considering updating your home as part of your new year bucket list, you might want to focus first on the guest bathroom.

Bathroom renovations are usually a major undertaking, but if there is nothing actually wrong with your guest bathroom, you can just do a cosmetic update. The best way to do this is to change the color palette, and that should not be too difficult. The real problem is deciding on the color combinations. Here are some cool color combinations for bathroom renovations.

The natural look

hardwood flooring
You might feel doubtful about putting in wood planks over your bathroom tiles, but it is a good way to change the look and feel of your bathroom completely. Wood floors will give it a warm, cozy feel, and can inspire you to choose a more natural way to decorate your bathroom, such as putting in matching cabinet doors for your vanity.

Guest bathrooms do not get as wet as regular bathrooms, so wood floors are perfectly fine. You can put in engineered wood floors yourself if you choose the self-locking ones, or you can have a pro do it for you.
If you are still nervous about wood floors, you can choose laminate floors that look like wood, although that would not have as much of an impact as actual wood floors. While you are at it, you may also want to put in a low-flush toilet for the eco-friendly touch.

By the sea

You can achieve a nautical look in your guest bathroom by choosing the right colors. Mediterranean blue and white wall tiles against a white background simulate the look of the sea, and beige or sand-speckled granite floors makes it look like you’re on the beach. Put in small details to complete the picture, such as a round, gilt-edged mirror and seashells on the sand-colored granite or quartz vanity top. You can almost smell the sea!

Dark and light

bathroom with black tile backsplash and gold walls
White and black bathrooms are chic, but not unusual. To create a more unique look, try black and gold instead. It might seem a big too explosive putting these two strong colors together, but the results can be stunning. Try putting in a black tile backsplash to provide a background for gold accents such as a gilded mirror, tissue box, and fixtures, and frame it all with bright yellow wall tiles. Use gold-streaked black granite, marble, or quartz slabs for the floor or vanity top to tie it all in. Black painted cabinets with gold hardware would look very nice in this color palette, and make for one knockout guest bathroom.

Flamingo fancies

flamingo print wallpaper
Something about flamingoes make it a great color inspiration for guest bathrooms. One might argue that pink is too cutesy for a guest bathroom, but flamingo pink actually lends itself to more vibrant colors than baby pink. You can comfortably choose almost any solid color to frame flamingo print wallpaper, and it will look fantastic. White works best with small prints, while black or any dark color handles larger, more flamboyant prints.

Salute to the navy

blue bathroom
Navy blue is actually a good color for bathrooms, even powder rooms if you have a somewhat large one to renovate. Navy blue is elegant but dark, so it might make smaller bathrooms look even smaller unless you use it judiciously. You can lighten the dark color by pairing it with white cabinets and a marble or quartz vanity top, and add a crystal chandelier to complete a subtle and refined picture.

Solid state

bathroom in a solid color, not white, with matching vanity
Most bathrooms are solid white, and that gives an antiseptic look to them. This is perfectly fine in a public bathroom, but hardly a good one for a guest bathroom. However, a bathroom in one color can be very nice if you choose the right color and the details that will provide accents to it. Go for a vibrant color such as purple or emerald green, and counter it with some subdued accents such as pewter or brass handles for the cabinets and faucets. Go for a matching vanity top in granite or quartz, and you have a stunning room for your guests in which to freshen up.

Size matters

bathroom with large mosaic tiles
A good way to give your guest bathroom some depth is to use large tiles in mosaic patterns for the backsplash or one wall. Use a damask or Moroccan design against a solid white background to give it an interesting look.

Groovy 70s

bathroom with earth tones
White gave way to earth tones as the trending color for kitchens and bathrooms in the 1970s, and then it dropped out of flavor. Today, the hip vibe is back into fashion, so let your inner groovy out for a spell by choosing avocado, rust, brow, and gold for your guest bathroom renovation. You can choose patterns or solids, or a combination of the two for your walls, cabinets, floor, and accents. Groove on!


Cool color combinations can make the most of your guest bathroom renovations. These suggestions are just a few trending ones to get you started on transforming your bathroom from ho-hum to hold your horses!

Some experienced DIYers can carry out most of these upgrades on their own, and it makes perfect sense if you are just doing cosmetic changes. You should find a reputable supplier in your area from which to get your stuff, however, especially cabinets.

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