Kitchen Cabinets and Other Trends for 2019


The styles and designs for kitchen cabinets tend to be slow to change. This is a great thing if you want to put in new ones and having to worry about them going out of date quickly. However, there are other ways that kitchen trends can have an impact on your remodeling plans.

Generally, you do not want to jump on board design trends because they might change in a few months, especially when it comes to home remodeling. However, kitchen remodeling is a bit less reactive. Kitchens must be functional, so trends tend to reflect that. You can safely use some trends to help you with your own kitchen upgrade if they are in line with the way you work.

The following seven trends for kitchen cabinets and other elements in the kitchen for 2019 may very well make your life a lot easier. The fact that it also brings you in line with the most current fashion in kitchen design is just a bonus. Here are the most interest trends in kitchen cabinets and others for 2019.

Tall cabinets

tall cabinets lining one wall
The earliest type of kitchen cabinets was base cabinets, and they provided support for the sink as well as storage for sundries. Over time, wall cabinets made their way into kitchens, ad and for decades, this pairing reigned supreme.

For 2019, however, tall cabinets are coming into the picture in a big way. Tall cabinets are base cabinets that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. The idea is to have one wall with the typical wall-based cabinet combination to accommodate the sink, cook top, and some countertop space. All the other walls will have tall cabinets from end to end, with a large kitchen island with stone countertops replacing the lost workspace.
The effect is subtly elegant and seamless, ideal for modern kitchen styles. You can conceivably translate this to traditional kitchens by choosing Shaker-style cabinet doors and corbels for the kitchen islands, but you lose some of the intended impact. Still, it is a great way to bring your kitchen to the New Year with some panache.

Beadboard with a twist

beadboard cabinet doors with no frame
Beadboard is an old style of cabinet door construction that puts together narrow strips of wood to form a solid front. Traditionally, you will keep them together using two rails or a frame. The trend for 2019 is the same style of construction sans the framing, so you have an unexpectedly modern, almost minimalist, look for the cabinets. The recommended use for this beadboard cabinets with a twist is as base cabinets, pairing them with granite or quartz countertops, plastered walls, and open shelving. Speaking of which…

Narrow shelving

narrow shelves along edge of backsplash
Open shelves make a lot of sense in small kitchens as it opens the space and gives the illusion of size. However, the 2019 trend is to keep open shelves to a minimum over the backsplash for an edgy, modern look.

The shelves are often just narrow ledges at the top edge of a half-backsplash, appropriate for small items, leaving the rest of the wall open for decorative elements. This shelving treatment does sacrifice quite a bit of storage space above the sink but takes back shovels full of style. Used in tandem with tall cabinets and a kitchen island, it can work storage-wise.

Edgy treatment

kitchen cabinets with cutouts, no hardware
Thousands of options are available for kitchen cabinet and drawer hardware, from plain to intricate, cheap to high-end. The trend for 2019 calls for all but taking them out altogether, however.

Designers are looking at making the kitchen lines look as clean as possible by opting for edge pulls for cabinets and cutouts for drawers in lieu of hardware that sticks out. This keeps the look truly seamless, almost featureless, and ideal for modern kitchens. Homeowners that choose to go edgy can use the money they save on other things in the kitchen.

The trend can also work with other kitchen styles, although it will not have the same effect. Some people still prefer to put hardware on their kitchen cabinets and drawers, opting instead to choose simple and low-profile ones to avoid looking outdated.

The personal touch

display cabinet in kitchen with books, artwork
People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but the unspoken rule was to bring anything that does not belong in the kitchen with you. This trend is the reverse of that.

Homeowners and designers are deliberately paving the way to bring in things that tie it in with the occupants and other parts of the home into the kitchen. It may be a glass display case full of photos, artwork, or hobbies. It could be a narrow shelf designed to house miniature, ceramic or metal collectibles. The kitchen becomes a repository of personal statements and work that makes it much more interesting and homier, especially in an open layout.

Subtle traditionalism

Modern styles are often opposites of traditional styles, but that does not have to be. Many homeowners are looking to marry the two design approaches without making them clash and file for divorce. The solution, and trend, is to separate form function.

The 2019 kitchen will continue to be modern in design, with its clean and sleek look. However, instead of using new materials such as stainless steel and quartz stone, homeowners will choose traditional one such as granite or marble for countertops, wood for cabinets, and old-fashioned plaster for walls. With this trend, you can bring in traditional and modern elements, and they will blend right in.

Hidden treasures

range hood inside cabinet
The range hood is a functional element in the kitchen, but manufacturers have been making efforts to give it esthetic appeal as well. You are likely to find range hoods that match most kitchen designs, so they do not add a jarring note to the overall look.
Nevertheless, some designers and homeowners choose to keep it out of sight. In most instances, they tuck it behind a cabinet door, effectively making it useless as a storage area, or hid it behind a soffit ceiling. The latter option opens some interesting possibilities, as you can use the extended ceiling to add some decorative or functional elements, such as track lighting.


Kitchen cabinets dominate design trends for 2019, and likely to continue to be relevant for years to come. This is good news for homeowners looking to update their kitchens, as replacing kitchen cabinets is the least disruptive type of renovation they can do.

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