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Medinah Kitchen Cabinets

Communities like Medinah have quite a few spacious homes that reflect a more prosperous time. However, most people still take their countertops and cabinets for granted. Many homeowners in Medinah, Illinois have cabinets and countertops that are not in good condition or of the best quality.

They seldom realize how important they are for the home. Cabinets provide you with the storage you need, and countertops are the workspaces for the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, they have a definite impact on the look of our homes, so homeowners should make them a priority.

Medinah homeowners can well afford to do kitchen and bathroom upgrades, but many do not because they do not want the hassle of kitchen and bathroom renovations. However, kitchens and bathrooms are the top factors in a home’s market value, and the first things prospective homeowners look at when deciding to buy a home. This is good to keep in mind if you want to sell your home in the future.

If your kitchens and bathrooms badly need an upgrade, you need to start thinking about replacing your cabinets and counters with quality products. They can do an incredible job of updating your home even if you do nothing else. What you need is a reputable cabinet company to do the job for you without disrupting your life too much.

It is actually quite easy to find the perfect cabinet company in your area without leaving your home. Just make quick search online for one in the Medinah area. When you have two or three that catch your fancy, do a bit more research. You want to make sure the company has a good reputation by checking online reviews and the company websites.

Out Medinah clients found Cabinetland Kitchen and Beyond that way. They liked what they saw on social media and review sites, so that was the beginning.

Kitchen Cabinets Medinah

We are a one-stop shop for all your kitchen cabinet needs, so our clients did not have to go anywhere else to upgrade their kitchens. We were able to give them the lowest prices on top brands in cabinets as well as high quality stone slabs, something they were unable to find with competitors in Medinah. Also, we are always up to 50% less than big box stores, which translate to big savings no matter how you cut it.

We offer free estimates and 3D design for all kitchen cabinet upgrades. All you need to do is get in touch and we will give you all the information you need to make a decision.

Bathroom Vanities Medinah

Bathroom vanities affect the bathroom as much as kitchen cabinets and countertops affect the kitchen. If your bathroom vanities are not granite or quartz, you have made the wrong choice. This is the perfect opportunity to make your bathroom awesome. Call Cabinetland to put in a stone vanity and increase the value of your home.

Granite Countertops Medinah

There is no reason to keep countertops that easily scratch, stain, or burn. They not only look terrible; they may actually be harboring bacteria, mold, and mildew. You can easily upgrade them for a lower cost than you think with granite countertops.

Granite is the best material for hardworking kitchen countertops. You will never have an issue with heat resistance, stains, or scratches, and it is food safe as well. Put anything on properly sealed granite and you will not have any trouble. You also get to choose from a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns to match any kitchen, or bathroom for that matter. It is a win-win.

Quartz Countertops Medinah

If quartz is more in line with your taste, it is perfectly cool. Quartz is also a great option for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Additionally, quartz is the height of elegance and grace, and they look even better with age.

Quartz is tougher than granite, which is why you’ll find it more widely used in bathrooms and kitchens. No sealing is required, like with granite counters.

About Medinah

Medinah is an affluent unincorporated community northwest of Chicago in DuPage County. It is near the villages of Bloomingdale, Roselle, and Itasca villages. The community takes its name from the Medinah Country Club, built by members of the Medinah Temple of Chicago in the 1920s in what was then an area known informally as Meacham. Their purpose was to establish the area as a country retreat with the best 54-hole golf course in the US and North America. At its peak, the club had 1,500 members, but the Depression and World War II had a negative effect. Today, club membership is at 600.

What We Did in Medinah

We have done a few projects in Medinah. Many Medinah homes were built in the 1950s, and we had much satisfaction in replacing outdated countertops with awesome granite or quartz ones in kitchens and bathrooms. They made the home so much more attractive and modern.

The first thing our customers did was get a free estimate for the work they wanted done. If they asked for more details, we encouraged them to visit our showroom in Schaumburg, a mere 13 minutes away. We specialize in top-brand cabinets and high quality countertops, so you can be sure we will exceed your expectations when it comes to kitchen and bathroom upgrades.

They were able to see what we had to offer, and they liked quality of our stone slabs and cabinetry. Most committed to a project there and then. 

Customer Says

I inherited the house from my parents, and the kitchen was really outdated. The cabinets were in good condition, but I really didn’t like them. I had Cabinetland replace the cabinet doors and put in new countertops to match. Just like that, I had the modern kitchen I always wanted.

The bathroom vanities in my house are ceramic tiles, and they were pretty ugly. I had them all ripped out and replaced with granite counters in lovely shades of pinks and blues. They now look like they belong in the house, thanks to Cabinetland.

Need a Kitchen Cabinets and Granite Countertops Company in Medinah

Your Medinah home deserves the best kitchen and bathroom you can manage. Contact us for any kitchen and bathroom upgrade you want, and ask about out FourEver Quality Assurance. We can give you a free estimate and 3D design to get the ball rolling.

Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for any of your kitchen and bathroom upgrade needs!