Reasons to Choose White to Upgrade Kitchens

modern white kitchen

Many people take the opportunity to follow design trends when planning to upgrade kitchens. The problem with trends is they typically have a short shelf life, so it might not be a good idea to go whole hog into a particular trend. Kitchen upgrades can be pricey, so you do not want to invest too heavily on trends that might be outdated in a couple of years. You want to choose upgrades that will stand the test of time. A trend that has proven to do just that is white kitchens.

You might be surprised at the reasons behind the enduring popularity of white kitchens. Some people might disagree with the classic appeal of a white kitchen, but they would be in the minority. Here are some reasons to continue to choose white to upgrade your kitchen.

The psychology is there

1920s white kitchen
The history behind white kitchens is quite fascinating. Back in 1918, a flu epidemic devastated the world. Dubbed the Spanish Flue, it resulted in millions of fatalities, including more than 500,000 dead in the US. Understandably, many people became very concerned about hygiene.
Since white immediately shows up any dirt that might be on any surface, people began to associate it with cleanliness. Many household product manufacturers in the 1920s thus began sending out their products almost exclusively in white including kitchen appliance makers. If you look at kitchens during that time, most were also almost exclusively white.

Of course, we know that just because you cannot see dirt, it does not mean it is clean. Nevertheless, the association persists to this day, which is why white kitchens continue to be popular.

Fear of the flu eventually passed, so other colors began to replace white as the predominant color in the kitchen, although it never completely disappeared. Kitchens in the next two decades included stronger colors in the mix with white, particularly patriotic blue and red in the US. Happier and softer hues such as mint green and yellow appeared in the 1950s, while brighter colors flowered during the 1960s and 1970s.
By the 1980s and early 1990s, the spirit of adventure in kitchen colors was on the wane. Homeowners began to prefer neutral colors, and experimented with Formica, vinyl floors, and wallpaper. By the end of the 1990s, the trend had turned firmly to natural materials, including granite and marble countertops and solid wood cabinets.

Through all these transitions, white lurked in the kitchen. People used it for walls and ceilings, providing an excellent backdrop for other colors. Today, white is coming back full force into fashion, proving it is the ultimate color trend.

People buy more white

white appliances and/or cabinets
The flu scare is gone, and manufacturers now offer household products and appliances in a wide range of attractive colors. However, the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association and the National kitchen and Bath Association revealed that white continues to outsell other colors for both kitchen cabinets and appliances.

This means that white elements in your kitchen might help to increase the value and desirability of your property. If you are planning to sell your home, you might have a higher chance of selling it better if you have white appliances, countertops, and/or cabinets. Choosing white for kitchen upgrades might well be the most practical move.

White appeals on many fronts

glowing white marble countertop
Most people like white for many reasons. Some people find it clean and fresh, while others feel happy in its presence.
White also has a practical purpose. It is much easier to see if it is dirty, so you can focus your cleaning efforts in the right areas. The color also has high reflective properties, so it can brighten rooms that receive little or no natural light, or make small rooms look larger. This last is particularly important today, as many people live in small spaces, and can use all the help they can get to make their homes look more spacious.

White is versatile

white kitchen with dark granite countertops
Everybody knows that white goes with any color, even its polar opposite black (which is technically not a color). Using white in the kitchen in either a primary or secondary role means you can bring in any color and it will work.

Even predominantly white kitchens will work with other colors used as accents or in artwork, as it tends to frame them and bring the eye to them. Colorful countertops, cabinets, and light fixtures also benefit from a white background.
White is also style-neutral, meaning that it will go with any design genre, from the most traditional to the ultra modern. This is the reason white (and black) are almost always an option for any product you can imagine. But particularly for kitchen products. This includes tiles, sinks, hardware, countertops, cabinets, racks, pullouts, and so on.


In a very real sense, a white kitchen is a blank canvas. It works for everything, and it is a great way to express personal tastes without having to struggle with cohesion. You can choose to stick with white as a primary color, or use it to make your other design choices stand out. If you are just beginning to plan a kitchen remodel, think of white first. It can help you make decisions later on.

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