Small Bathroom Cabinet Storage Tips

Your small bathroom cabinets can be quickly piled up with different items and end up very messy and disturbing. If you are facing this problem, it is great you have visited our site for storage tips in maximizing your bathroom storage cabinets.

1. Wall-hung baskets

Installing a colorful wall-hung basket is a good way to beautify your bathroom space while increasing your storage capacity. You can choose different sizes and colors to suit your bathroom wall.

You can place your towels, bath scrubs, and toilet paper in these baskets to free up some space in your modern bathroom cabinets.

2. Ladder Shelves

The space above your bathroom door is a good spot to install a ladder shelf where you can store your extra bath towels, linens, and tissue paper. Aside from increasing storage compartment, it is a good accent in the void space above your door.

3. Rack Behind Cabinet Door

You can further maximize your affordable bathroom vanity cabinets by installing an acrylic rack behind its door. Just store light items in the rack so as to avoid the door from falling.

4. Stackable Jars

The space in your custom bathroom vanities can be maximized by having acrylic or glass stack-able jars to store your cotton buds, cotton balls, soaps, and other vanity items. You can place your jars in the middle of your vanity mirror or beside it.

These transparent jars are highly space-saving and enable you to check the inside because it is transparent.

5. Narrow Shelves

If your quality bathroom vanities are not enough to place other items, you can install narrow shelving in your shower area. This can provide extra space to place your soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and other related items.

6. Go for Vertical and Stylish Storage

If the vertical space of your bathroom is empty and bare, you can always buy affordable and stylish rail-based hanging storage compartments. These can be wire baskets and plastic buckets with hooks so you can easily hang it on your metal rails.

You can store your bathroom towels, scrubs, and other cosmetic items in these compartments. Choose a good design and color for the basket and buckets to add more aesthetics in your vertical space.

7. Plant Holders for Wall-mount Storage

Do not underestimate those curved plant holders as they can be your rustic accent and storage for your bath towels. They are priced economically and you can take advantage of that for your bathroom remodeling.

8. Hanging Shelves using C hooks

You can create an innovative and stylish hanging shelf from wooden blocks, eye bolts, and C-hooks. It provides good aesthetics and functionality in your vertical space. Likewise, it makes your small bathroom look taller.


There are no limits in creating your own innovative, functional, and stylish storage ideas for your small bathroom space. By choosing the right color and design, you can have a good balance between rustic and modern sleek design for your bathroom remodeling.

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