How to Spruce Up Your Restroom in 2018 with Bathroom Cabinets & Fixtures

bathroom cabinets

Redesigning your bathroom takes careful consideration. There are various areas of the space you may need to focus on. For instance, the countertop, vanity, floors and fixtures.

One key area you should hone in on is the cabinetry. This is where you will store your toiletries and other items, so that your bathroom stays looking neat. So, for this reason, you should ensure you have enough bathroom cabinets installed.

Don’t just replace your vanity cabinets. You can use other wall space to install additional cabinets that add functionality and flare. But if you’re still need inspiration with your bathroom décor, then the following may help.

Let’s look at some ideas for your bathroom redo.

Selecting Your Bathroom Cabinets Setup

Bathroom with a lot of cabinets

Since your vanity and cabinetry are the core of your bathroom design, it makes sense to start here first. The color and materials you choose for your cabinets will help dictate the other décor you choose for the space.

There are many different types of bathroom cabinets you can choose from. There are various brands that you can check out, such as Forevermark and J&K Cabinetry. They have great selections to browse through.

Consider going with tall or wide cabinets, depending on the space you have available. For instance, above the tub area, you can go with a wide cabinet that can hold your cloths and towels. Or if you have an entire wall, you can install a tall cabinet that can hold extra items, like your robes, hair appliances and more.

Redoing Your Floors

Bathroom with vinyl or laminate floors

The floors in your bathroom should serve multiple purposes. Of course, the look of the floors is very important, so that it makes a great impression. However, you also want to choose a material that will hold up well in a moist setting like bathrooms.

For this reason, you should avoid real wooden products. This will only set you up for the potential of mold and mildew growth, especially if there’s ever a leak.

There are better options you can choose that hold up well in wet conditions. For example, vinyl and laminate floors are made with synthetic materials, which aren’t susceptible to fungal growths.

If you have the budget for it, you can even consider stone tile, such as marble, granite and quartz.

Wall Tile for the Shower and Bath Area

Bathroom with walls of tile

You can accent your cabinets and floors with a beautiful mosaic tile display in the shower or bathtub area. Or even go as far as to have the entire bathroom with tiled walls. Whatever you decide to do, try to choose color options that accentuate your bathroom cabinets and floors.

Consider adding an accent tile to your shower stall to give your bathroom design more pizazz. There are many different colors, textures and materials you can opt for, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get creative.

What’s great about tile walls is that it’s easier to keep clean. Maintenance is minimal, requiring only a simple wipe down with a glass cleaner or mild soap and rag.

Upgrade Your Sinks and Lights

Bathroom with unique sinks and lights

The water and lighting fixtures in your bathroom deserve an upgrade. This goes for your tub, shower stall, toilet and sink. If you have basic lighting, consider updating them with a gorgeous chandelier or bar lights.

There are many different styles of lights you can use to get your creative juices flowing. Updating the fixtures in your bathroom will really enhance the look of your bathroom.

For instance, you can go with a claw foot bathtub or throw it out for a large stand up shower stall with wall seats and rainfall shower heads.

It’s easy to get creative with your bathroom design these days, thanks to all the different models of fixtures to choose from.

Recessed lights, bar lights and various other types of lights are a great way to emphasize key areas. Install them in your shower, over the tub and/or above the vanity.

Finding Cabinets for Your Bathroom Remodel

Selection of bathroom cabinets/vanities

You’re trying to redo the look of your bathroom. The cabinetry you select will ultimately set the vibe for your restroom. For instance, you can go with antique cabinets, contemporary or even traditional.

You’ll find different brands have varying styles of cabinets to choose from. Floating cabinets are very popular for homeowners creating modern design for their bathrooms.

This will set the tone for the rest of your décor, so choose accordingly.


Selecting a Bathroom Cabinet Supplier

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