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Streamwood Kitchen Cabinets

Countertops and cabinets serve key functions in the home. Cabinets provide you with a place for your stuff and countertops your workspaces, both in the kitchen and bathroom. They also have a big impact on the look of the home. Homeowners should give them top priority. However, many homes in Streamwood, Illinois have cabinets and countertops that are not in tiptop condition or of the best quality.

If you are guilty of this oversight, then you need to make a change.. Replacing your cabinets and counters with quality products can do an incredible job of updating your home even if you do nothing else. You need is a reputable cabinet company to make it happen for you.

How do you find the right company? It is easily done with an online search for cabinet and countertop suppliers in the Streamwood area. You should find just a few good companies near you, and that is when you need to do a bit more research. Make sure the company has a good reputation by checking online reviews and the company websites.

Streamwood homeowners found Cabinetland Kitchen and Beyond in social networks and online review sites. They liked what they saw, so that is how we made a difference in their lives.

Kitchen Cabinets Streamwood

Kitchen cabinets are the workhorses of the kitchen, so they should be of good quality. Unfortunately, many older homes have cabinets that are not made to last. In many cases, all you need to upgrade your kitchen is to replace the cabinets. They take up a big part of your kitchen real estate, so replacing them can make a big difference to the look of your kitchen

We specialize in top-brand cabinets and high quality countertops, so you can be sure we will exceed your expectations when it comes to kitchen upgrades. You no longer have to make do with flimsy cabinets or ugly countertops in the kitchen.

We offer free estimates and 3D design for all kitchen and bathroom upgrade projects. All you need to do is get in touch and we will give you all the information you need to make a decision.

Bathroom Vanities Streamwood

Bathroom vanities affect the look of your bathroom more than you might think. It is usually front and center and most people use it more than any other area in the bathroom. You want your bathroom vanities to be functional, but also beautiful.

If your bathroom vanities are not granite or quartz, you now have perfect opportunity to make your bathroom look fantastic. Get in touch with Cabinetland to put in a stone vanity and increase the value of your home.

Granite Countertops Streamwood

You have no reason to keep countertops that easily scratch, stain, or burn. They not only look sad; they may actually be dangerous to your health as it can breed bacteria and molds. It is easy enough to upgrade them with granite countertops, and it will not even cost you all that much.

Granite is the ideal stone for hardworking kitchen countertops. It is durable, heat- and scratch-resistant, and unique. You can make quite a splash with granite countertops, and make your life easier in the process. Put anything on properly sealed granite and you will not have any trouble. You get to choose from a wide variety of beautiful colors and patterns to match any kitchen, or bathroom for that matter. It’s a win-win.

Quartz Countertops Streamwood

Some people prefer beauty to function. With quartz, they have the best of both worlds. Quartz is distinctively beautiful and durable at the same time. Quartz is a great option for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Lastly, quartz is the height of elegance and grace, and they’ll last for many decades.

Even better, you don’t have to seal it to keep it looking great!

About Streamwood

Streamwood is one of the villages that make up the Tri Village area in Cook County, Illinois. The other two are Hanover Park and Bartlett.  Streamwood was incorporated in 1957 and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area and a suburb of Chicago. Streamwood is also home to the Streamwood Stride, an endurance race held every second weekend of June.

What We Did in Streamwood

We do many kitchen and bathroom upgrade projects in and around Streamwood. We have been especially useful for homeowners looking to increase the value of their homes and vacation properties, whether for their own pleasure or to sell it at a higher price.

The work we have done in Streamwood homes have gone a long way towards making homeowners’ lives more comfortable. We have done quite a few major kitchen and bathroom upgrade projects, such as replacing sad-looking countertops with beautiful granite or quartz ones in kitchens and bathrooms that have increased the value of the home considerably.

Streamwood homeowners have an expert and reputable source of help for their kitchens and bathrooms in Cabinetland. We have the lowest prices in the area for high-quality kitchen and bathroom upgrade products, and we only work with the best companies in the industry. . We are always up to 50% less than big box stores, which is a big savings for homeowners.

Our showroom in Schaumburg, Illinois is just 13 minutes away from Streamwood, so it is easy for our clients to commit to us for their cabinet and countertop needs. They can see what they were buying before signing up for our products and services.. They also get firsthand experience with our level of expertise and customer service excellence.

Customer Says

We had just bought a house in Streamwood and wanted to “do” the new house before moving in. Also, we contacted several companies in the area, but chose to go with Cabinetland because we liked the way they handled our questions. We replaced the kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, and upgraded the vanities in the two bathrooms. It took a couple of weeks to finish, but it was well worth it. They really made a big difference in the way the house looked.

I had a huge butcher block in the middle of the kitchen that just wasn’t working for me. Additionally, I didn’t like to do anything on the wood top because I was afraid it was full of germs. I had Cabinetland replace it with granite and had them add some cabinets under it for good measure. It is now the pride of my kitchen!

Need a Kitchen Cabinets and Granite Countertops Company in Streamwood

Cabinetland is just a few minutes away from Streamwood. It is the best local company to replace cabinets and countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. We are always on time and on budget. Get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!

Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for any of your kitchen and bathroom upgrade needs!