Tips for a Kitchen Remodel That Will Pay Off

kitchen before and after

The kitchen is a place where the food is, so naturally people like to stay there every chance they get! When friends and family come over, you want to make sure your kitchen is perfect. Kitchen remodeling is a great way to make sure this is the case. However, kitchen remodeling is expensive, so you want to make sure you get the most out of your investment.
The best way to do this is to identify the elements that will pay off in the long term. Once you’ve done that, strive for a classic rather than trendy look, as this will stay in fashion for much longer. More homebuyers will also appreciate it more in case you’re planning to sell in the next few years. If you like a particular trend, keep it to non-permanent things such as artwork and accents.

Wall paint

kitchen with neutral paintA big part of your kitchen remodel design is the paint. It doesn’t cost much, but the impact of the right color can pay back major dividends. It can make your kitchen come alive and make it a pleasure in which to be. You will love it, and prospective homebuyers will, too.
If you’re stumped for the right color, choose one that goes with anything, like white or beige. The important thing is to go with a color you can live with on a daily basis. You can also consult feng shui guides for color ideas. Feng shui colors do give off positive vibes even if you don’t believe in it bringing you good luck. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Kitchen cabinets

nice kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets serve a major function in your kitchen, and takes up a lot of real estate. Ergo, you need to give the kind of cabinets you have serious consideration during a kitchen remodel.

It isn’t just about making do, either. Dated or poorly cabinets will ruin the look of your new kitchen, so anything else you improve in there will just go to waste. You can simply choose to refurbish what you have if the cabinet construction is good quality, but the cost of refacing cabinets often comes to about the same as replacing them completely. If you do decide to get new ones, choose the best kitchen cabinets you can afford that will go with your overall kitchen design.
The bonus of new kitchen cabinets is you can make the most of the space you have available. You will no longer have dead space in corners, base cabinets, and wall cabinet tops. Your best move in kitchen remodeling is to choose a cabinet supplier than can give you smart advice on cabinets, drawers, and space organizers.


full backsplashMost homeowners neglect the importance of a nice backsplash. Don’t be content with the standard 4-inch backsplash that comes with a package. A backsplash is not that expensive, and it can pay off in terms of impact. People will see it first thing when they come in to your home, especially if you have an open layout.

A full backsplash is ideal, because you can really go to town with the design and points of interest. Go for some glass or metal accents, or choose a vibrant color that will complement the rest of the kitchen. Mosaic tiles, granite, and marble are all good choices for your backsplashes, and they come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and patterns. Let your imagine run free when choosing your backsplash; it will pay dividends.

Kitchen countertops

granite countertopsThe best investment you can make in your kitchen remodel (head to head with kitchen cabinets) is your kitchen countertops. They are highly functional and takes center stage in any kitchen, so you need to choose carefully.
Some people may try to convince you to break from the crowd and choose non-stone materials for your counters. The fact is granite, marble and quartz stones are the most popular materials for countertops because everyone loves them. People love the look and feel of stone countertops, and homeowners love that they are durable and low maintenance.

If you want your investment to pay off, resist the temptation to jump on board the trend wagon with “new look” counters. They are bound to look dated in a few years, just like the much-despised Formica. Stick with granite, marble, and quartz for best results. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you are sure to find one that will fit your kitchen design to a T.

Kitchen lighting

pendant lights or chandelier over kitchen islandFinally, include strategic lighting in your kitchen design. You don’t want to tack them on afterward, because you will have exposed wires running the length of your kitchen cabinets, floors, and ceiling. If you have the right lighting planned for various parts of the kitchen, you can avoid these unsightly wires in your new kitchen.

When choosing light fixtures, you can actually play around with it a little. Some homeowners want subtle, indirect light for overhead and along the floor, and work lights under the cabinets. Others prefer a bolder look with pendant lights directly over work spaces, the kitchen island, and eating areas. You can do a combination if you prefer. Just make sure you have enough lights to keep it from looking gloomy, and not too big that it overwhelms the space.
Quick tip: Include dimmer switches for your kitchen lights so you have more control over the amount of light.


Kitchen remodeling can be stressful because of the number of decisions you have to make. However, if you keep these basic things in mind, everything else should fall into place. Better yet, get professional help. Cabinet Land Kitchen and Beyond is the one for you in Illinois.

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