Tips for Maximizing Condo Kitchen Cabinets

small kitchen with kitchen cabinets

Most people prefer smaller homes such as condos and apartments to keep their living costs low. Apart from lower rental rates or purchase prices, small spaces require less maintenance, and thus lower costs. It is the practical choice, but it does have a downside space.
Condos and small apartments simply do not have the space for anything too big, certainly not the kitchen. The thing is, you can make a tiny kitchen work if you plan it well, and one of the most important things you need to plan is the kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips for maximizing condo kitchen cabinets.

Go vertical

kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling
The best way to keep horizontal space free is to go vertical. You need to choose kitchen cabinets that go all the way up as high as it will go. Standard wall-base cabinet combinations typically stop short a few inches from the ceiling, but that is precious wasted space.
Some wall cabinets are 42 inches in height, and that is tall enough to go all the way up a typical 8-foot ceiling. You can also choose tall cabinets that will go nicely on either side of a cook top and refrigerator.
If none of these solutions is working for you because, say, your kitchen is 9 feet high. You might be able to squeeze in 12-inch filler cabinets on top of the cabinets in that case. Whatever you do, fill up the space as much as possible.

Pull it out

pull down shelves
Maximizing your vertical space might create other problems, however. It is hard to get at anything that is too high or too deep. You can solve that by installing pull high wall cabinets and deep base cabinets can be hard to access. You can fix that by putting in roll out baskets in base cabinets and pull out shelves in the wall cabinets. You can also invest in swing out organizers and Lazy Susans for corner cabinet, which are always awkward space. Pack in all your stuff anywhere and have no fear in keeping them accessible.

Get organized

spice rack attached to cabinet door

Organizers for spices that attach to the inside of cabinet doors and attach to the sides of refrigerators are just some things you can get to keep your stuff in good order. Spice bottles are fiddly little things, so that is good move. You can also use tray dividers for your drawers or shelves to enable you to store stuff like pot covers and baking sheets in place without piling them up, just ready to go crashing down when you pull one out.

Hang loose

hanging rack with pots
Hanging racks are a great alternative to base cabinets for pots and pans that have handles. Attach them on any available space and get a number of hooks from which to hang them.
If you have no wall space available, you can hang a rack from hooks on the ceiling and hang your pots and pans from there. Definitely do this if you have some great-looking cookware. This will not only free up cabinet space for stuff you cannot hang up, it provides an attractive spectacle for guests (as long as you keep your pots and pans in great condition).

Make them mobile

portable kitchen island using base cabinets
A kitchen island is a great way to add work and storage space in the kitchen, but a fixed one is probably not going to work with a tiny kitchen. Fortunately, you can buy or build a portable one using a base cabinet on wheels and topping it with a piece of granite or marble. An easy and fun DIY project, it can pay dividends in form and function, Push it where you need it when you need it, and set it aside when necessary.

Go custom

custom cabinets
RTA or assembled cabinets are popular because they are affordable. However, when you have a tiny kitchen with non-standard specifications, you may have to choose custom cabinets to make the most of the available space. They may cost a bit more, but you get exactly what you need. You can choose to put in clever additions such as drawers, wine racks, glass hangers, and corner cabinets. You can even get bespoke rollout shelves to fit between the cabinets and refrigerator and serve as food storage.

Open sesame

open shelving
Open shelves are your go to for spaces that are too small or shallow that cabinets will simply not work. You can fit in open shelves in every available space where you can put whatever stuff will fit in them.

Magnetic powers

magnetic strip with knives
You need to keep whatever countertop space you have free for food prep and small appliances. You definitely do not want to keep a bulky knife block on it. Affix strong magnetic strips on the backsplash to hold your knives. You can also put in a towel rack with hooks to hang your kitchen tools and a dishtowel or two.

Top it off

shelves over the doorway
Most people neglect the spaces above doors and windows as possible storage areas, but not people that live in condos. You can install shelves in those areas to store books, display ornaments, or put in plants. Make sure you angle it slightly toward the wall to prevent anything from falling down by accident.

Faux alcove

narrow cabinet under the dining room window
In most condos and small apartments, there is not a lot of demarcation for the kitchen, living room, and dining room. You can steal back some space for the kitchen by putting a narrow but one or two long freestanding cabinets along free walls in the dining room or living room. This can serve as storage for stuff you don’t use on a regular basis as well as a sideboard for when you have guests.


Living in a limited space is not an excuse for not having enough storage space. The tips above are just some of the clever ways you can claw back more space for your tiny kitchen. If you are feeling a bit clueless, you can get some ideas by visiting your local cabinet supplier. Cabinet Land Kitchen and Beyond is your best bet in Illinois cities such as Chicago, Schaumburg, Arlington Height, Des Plaines, Hoffman Estate, and Elk Grove Village.

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