5 Red Flags for Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

nice kitchen with lots of cabinets

It is understandable why many people are reluctant to replace their kitchen cabinets. It means taking out everything in the kitchen and looking for somewhere else to put them. Also it means requires a whole lot of time to tear them out and put new ones. Not to mention the expense of getting them in the first place. However, it may not be your decision. These 5 red flags indicate you need to replace your kitchen cabinets.

Red flag 1: Water and other damage

water damaged cabinets
The most obvious red flag for replacing your kitchen cabinets is any type of major damage. There are many sources of damage in the kitchen since it is the most hardworking room in the home, except for the bathroom. The kitchen is a place of constant exposure to water, heat, humidity, and flashes of temper or hurry.

This can lead to water damage on the one hand, and physical damage to the wood, hinges, and knobs or pulls on the other. If your cabinets are old, of poor quality, or poor installation, you will find the following signs that you need new kitchen cabinets soon:
 Warping or improperly aligned doors
 Bubbles on the surface
 Peeling and bulging

It might be able to repair some of these problems by repainting or refacing your cabinets, and they should be good for a few more years. However, when the damage is extensive and spread to most of all your cabinets, you might be better off with new ones.

Red flag 2: Inferior quality or outdated appearance

ugly cabinets
Homeowners often have to contend with pre-existing cabinets that frankly they should get rid of from the start. It may be inferior materials, poor construction, outdated appearance, or any combination of the three.

Inferior construction or materials in kitchen cabinets become almost immediately apparent when you look in. You can literally feel the give when pushing against it, and this is an alarming red flag. You do not want to put anything in it, unless you don’t mind it suddenly giving way and sending the contents crashing down. If you’re lucky, it will only mean damage to your stuff. The worst-case scenario is that it will result in injuries to you, your family, or any guests you may have at the time. It is simply a matter of safety to replace them as soon as possible.
In some cases, the cabinets are built of good materials. But they are simply too ugly to stay in your kitchen. You might feel it a waste of your time and money to replace as they are perfectly functional. However, since they occupy such a large and visible space in your kitchen, it has a significant impact on the look and feel of the room. If you always feel slightly dissatisfied when in your kitchen, your ugly cabinets may be the culprit.

You also have to consider the impact of inferior quality or ugly cabinets when planning to sell your home. Many homebuyers base their purchasing decisions on first impressions, and these cabinets can actually cost you a quick sale. Think about that the next time you let your penny-pinching get in the way of replacing your kitchen cabinets.

Red flag 3: Mold infestation

molds in kitchen cabinet
Molds thrive in dark and humid places, and many kitchen cabinets provide the ideal conditions for an infestation. If you have old cabinets that have suffered from neglect, you inherited them when you bought the house, or you noticed some water damage on the walls where your cabinets are, you might have some mold action going on in the deepest corners of your cabinets.

If you notice a musty smell every time you open your cabinets, chances are you have a mold infestation.  You should first make sure to get rid of any leaks that can lead to the same problem in the future, and then replace the cabinets.

Red flag 4: Not enough storage space

People tend to accumulate stuff over time. So, what may have been adequate storage space when you first move in may no longer be so a few years down the road. If you notice many of your kitchen things are now sitting on the countertops or relegated to other rooms in the home, it may be time to put in more cabinets to increase your storage capacity.
Many older homes often waste space such as at the corners or on top of the wall cabinets. You can put in specialty cabinets to make use of these awkward spaces for automatic additional storage space. If your cabinets are old and/or not space efficient, you may want to take them out altogether and put in space-efficient and sleek cabinet systems.

Red flag 5: Poor planning

badly-planned kitchen with cabinets
Many older kitchens simply suffer from poor space planning, and this is most apparent with the layout of kitchen cabinets. They may be too high, too low, or just on the wrong walls. You can reclaim quite a bit of kitchen real estate by relocating your kitchen cabinets for a more efficient work flow, or replacing them altogether to make them both location and space efficient. New kitchen cabinets also ensure you have a more cohesive design to your new kitchen. So, ask advice from your cabinet supplier about this.


Your kitchen cabinets is an important element in the home, so you need to give it due consideration. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, consider replacing your kitchen cabinets if you have one or more the red flags mentioned above. If a remodel is not in your budget, simply replacing your cabinets can go a long way towards having the same effect.

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