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CabinetLand has been serving the Chicagoland area, Naperville, Rockford, and its surroundings since 2017. We have a showroom in Schaumburg, over 4,500 square feet. 

Our profession is one of the most important parts of the house: the Kitchen and Bathroom.

Our experienced designer visualizes your kitchen and bath ideas. Our organized, professional, easy-to-work staff creates fabulous kitchen and bath concepts. You will receive exceptional service during your project, from the first scratch to finishing the job.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Process

When you visit our showroom, the process goes like below:

1. Your First Visit / Gathering Information

We listen to your experiences with the current kitchen, plans, and wishes, and we take your sketches if you have any. This phase is so essential that it will affect the entire project. Our designer will meet you in our showroom at this first meeting and answer your questions.

After that, our designer will give a professional assessment. We show all the options for all budgets and make selections according to your budget.


In-Stock Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Options

This design option has already made kitchen cabinets with limited options, styles, and colors with limited warranties. Plywood boxes, full extension drawers, soft-close doors, and drawers are all included, and this option is a fast and affordable choice.


Semi-Custom Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Options

You can mix colors, styles, and materials. Many choices are available; you don't need to modify the cabinets since you can have different sizes. This option has a lead time of about 8 weeks; the products are mostly made-in-USA and come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Custom Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Options

We can create any color, match any color, and reshape the material according to your wishes. This option has a lead time of less than 3 months.

After you decide on the options, we will take you to the selection center, where we have all the colors, countertops, backsplash, and flooring options. We also focus on all the details, such as pulls, knobs, etc., so ensure you see the project.

Then our designer creates your kitchen into the 3D program, giving you realistic 3D views. You can also have the option to see the kitchen in VR!


This first visit and gathering information may take up to 2 hours.


2. Home Visit/Taking Measurements/Free Consultation

We offer to visit you at home to see your space and make your free consultation. All service is free till here, and we only charge if taking measurements is necessary, which will be credited back when you order kitchen or bath renovation service.

3. Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Design Process

The design process begins after you determine your budget and decide about the cabinets, and we get the measurements. According to your kitchen measurements, our designer creates virtual 3D and AR visions of your new kitchen with the new cabinets. We also suggest additional details to maximize kitchen space efficiency and increase functionality. The design process is critical and needs to be collaborative.


4. Ordering

When we finish designing your kitchen in a visual area, it's time to take it from the virtual world to the real world. According to your choice, the order time changes between 2 weeks to 3 months. In the meantime, we can make necessary arrangements, such as taking permits if required.

5. Time to Start to Design Your Kitchen: Construction and Installation

After the orders' delivery, we set a schedule to start your kitchen or bathroom project. The delivery is made directly to your place, and we will notify you of all updates due to the information we get from the manufacturer.

If you have a contractor, they can call us and arrange the starting time of the project. This phase includes delivery of all items, installation of cabinets, countertop measure, and installation and finishing work.

We can start the construction and installation when every item arrives, and the schedule is set. According to the project's complexity, installation may take 4-5 weeks. Since kitchen and bath remodeling projects are an essential part of the house construction process, it includes every unit of work in the construction sector.


6. Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Project Completion

As in the contract, we review your kitchen remodeling project thoroughly with you before finalizing your kitchen remodeling project. We take photographs, capture videos, and ensure all details are fine. When all phases are finished, the kitchen is your new family room, and it's time to enjoy your new kitchen.

FAQ About Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

If you have just bought a house but don’t like the kitchen or bath, you may want to change them to your wish. Or, if your kitchen is old and doesn’t comply with your new appliances, you can renew your kitchen. 

When selling your house, a new kitchen compensates for its worth. Moreover, as long as you live in your home, you will enjoy your kitchen and bath.

We ensure all questions are answered before we start the job, so it is the reason why we take our time, design, install, and approach in all directions.

When you sign the contract with us, we schedule every phase A to Z, ensuring we have all materials available before starting so as not to extend the construction time. We also focus on unseen issues and solve all the problems.

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