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Superior Cabinets

Family owned and operated since 1980, Superior Cabinets has been creating quality cabinetry with beauty and functionality in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Superior Premium Collections Of Doors Styles


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Superior Premium Collections Of Finishes

Superior Cabinets Features

Their standard frameless cabinets offer full access, which means you get more accessibility out of your investment.  Built with ⅝” Thermofused Melamine and ¼” hardboard backs, their European cabinet cases are glued, dowelled, and presser assembled for strength and durability.  Full depth shelves are fully adjustable and standard on every cabinet.  All soft-close drawer hardware is made by Hettich, an innovative leader in European-engineered and manufactured furniture and cabinetry hardware.  Their Fusion Finishes line of painted cabinetry was selected as the winner for the Best of KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show) People’s Choice Award in 2017.  

Introducing Superior Cabinets: Elevate Your Kitchen with Unparalleled Quality and Style

Superior Cabinets where exceptional craftsmanship meets timeless design. As a leading provider of kitchen and cabinetry solutions, the brand prides itself on delivering the highest quality products built to last a lifetime. We showcase their extensive range of offerings and demonstrate why Superior Cabinets is the ultimate choice for your dream kitchen.

1. Unmatched Quality and Durability

Superior Cabinets understand that your kitchen is the heart of your home, and they believe in creating functional and beautiful spaces. Their cabinets are constructed using ⅝” Thermofused Melamine and reinforced with ¼” hardboard backs, ensuring strength and durability that withstands the test of time. With European cabinet cases, which are glued, dowelled, and presser assembled, you can trust that every detail has been meticulously crafted for lasting performance.

2. Full Access for Optimal Convenience

Experience the freedom of full access with the brand’s frameless cabinets. Designed to maximize accessibility, these cabinets offer complete functionality and allow you to make the most of your investment. With fully adjustable, full-depth shelves as standard in every cabinet, organizing and accessing your kitchen essentials has never been easier.

3. Unparalleled Elegance with Fusion Finishes

Elevate your kitchen aesthetic with the award-winning Fusion Finishes collection of Superior Kitchen Cabinets. Selected as the winner of the prestigious Best of KBIS People’s Choice Award, this line features over 30 top trending painted colors on MDF. Choose from various door styles, including One Piece or Five Piece MDF, to create a dynamic and personalized look that reflects your unique style. For those seeking a more artisanal touch, Superior Cabinets offers Handcrafted Painted Fusion Finishes, a truly distinctive and captivating design.

4. Endless Design Possibilities with Laminate

Superior Cabinets’ Laminate collection is a testament to the beauty of nature. Capturing the essence of natural wood grains, rustic textures, and contemporary high-gloss finishes, Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) options provide an affordable yet luxurious range of design solutions. Whether you desire the warmth of fine exotic wood grains or the elegance of a cool white high gloss, their Laminate collection offers endless possibilities to bring your vision to life.

5. Wood Collection for Timeless Charm

Superior Cabinets offers a wood collection for homeowners seeking a classic and enduring appeal, which is the perfect choice. Choose from a wide range of stains, finishes, and door styles on Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, Rift Cut Oak, and Black Walnut. With a vast selection of colors available, the wood collection adds a distinctive touch to any kitchen design, ensuring a truly unique and personalized space.

6. Superior Service and Customization

Superior Cabinets understand that every kitchen is as unique as those who use it. With over 11,000 standard cabinets, they offer the unrivaled custom capability to bring your dream kitchen to life. Each Superior Custom Cabinets product is made to order, ensuring every detail is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. The company’s consistent lead time delivery ensures your project stays on schedule, while its comprehensive limited lifetime warranty provides peace of mind, knowing that your kitchen is built for life.

7. Enhance Your Kitchen with Functional Accessories

To optimize your kitchen’s storage and functionality, Superior Cabinets offer a range of accessories that will elevate your experience. From cutlery trays and drawer dividers to roll-out shelves and waste/recycle centers, their accessories are designed to enhance convenience and efficiency in your daily culinary endeavors. A well-accessorized kitchen is a functional kitchen, and Superior Cabinets has you covered.

Discover the Superior Cabinets Difference

We invite you to explore the Superior Cabinets experience and discover why this brand is synonymous with excellence. From their commitment to quality and durability to innovative design solutions and extensive customization options, they are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. As you browse Superior Cabinets’ collection of products, envision the kitchen of your dreams coming to life. With Superior Cabinets, you invest not only in exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style but also in a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction and delivers on its promises.

Transform your kitchen into a space that reflects your unique personality and enhances your daily living. Trust in Superior Cabinets to deliver a quality brand that stands the test of time, backed by the company’s comprehensive limited lifetime warranty. Join countless satisfied customers who have chosen Superior Cabinets as their preferred choice for exquisite craftsmanship, functionality, and enduring beauty.

Experience the Superior Cabinets difference and embark on a journey of exceptional quality, personalized design, and unmatched customer satisfaction. Start creating your dream kitchen today by exploring their extensive product lines, envisioning the possibilities, and trusting in the expertise of Superior Cabinets. Elevate your kitchen to new heights with the finest cabinetry solutions available.