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5 Design Trends for Kitchen Cabinets in 2018

kitchen design

Kitchen cabinets are important functional elements in any home because storage is essential. However, they are also important for bringing a kitchen’s design together. Because they are front and center, and occupy quite a bit of real estate, their look makes a real statement. You want to make sure the cabinets you choose will make the right kind of statement.
Many designers favor a sleek and simple look for kitchens, so a minimalist style for cabinet doors is often indicated. However, it is not always the case. Some people like a bit more style and pizzazz for their kitchen, which would require a bit more creativity. If you want to put more personality into your kitchen remodeling, but still be updated, you can do that if you know what’s trending and incorporate it into your design, here are 6 design trends for kitchen cabinets in 2018.

1. More oak

oak cabinets Back in the day, oak was all the rage in the home for more than kitchen cabinets. From the 1970s until the 1990s, you would see kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in oak with driftwood or Cerused finish in a honey spice stain showing off the grain patterns in cathedral door styles with raised panels. Oak cabinets took a backseat to cherry and maple, though, because they were relatively cheaper and more readily available.
Then came the medium-density fiberboard and wood veneers, which were even more cost effective, and you can seen many of these nice looking cabinets in many homes today. However, the vintage look is becoming more popular with homeowners today, and that means oak cabinets.
The great thing about oak is that it is very versatile, it has a neutral and sophisticated look that goes well with many kitchen design themes, from cottage-style to clean modern, serving as a transitional element tying in the overall design. You can get oak cabinets in anything from flat to recessed panel styles, plain to painted, and you can add any details you want and still rock it. The most popular colors for painted oak cabinets are gray, black, and blue.

2. Customized colors

Painted cabinets The easiest way to do a kitchen upgrade is to choose an established design and copy it. While these kitchens look great, they are not unique. If you are not the adventurous type, you can update the look of your cookie-cutter kitchen by making a statement with custom colors. Choose a bold or distinctive color for your kitchen cabinets, and that can make your kitchen stand out. Most of the best cabinet brands will provide you with a wide array of color options for your custom cabinets.
You can choose to go light, medium or dark. The trending colors for cabinets are actually neutral grays and greens, but yellows, blacks, and navy blues are definitely on the top of the list as well. Light colors look soft, clean, and classic, while medium colors go with anything. Dark colors tend to be a bit bolder, but they do add to the drama. Express your personality and go with a color you want.

3. Transitional style

transitional cabinetsFinding just the right fit for your kitchen is not always easy. Instead of committing to a definite style one way or the other, the trend is to go with a transitional style for cabinets. That way, your kitchen can go either way with just a few tweaks. For example, if you have a predominantly modern kitchen design, but you want to keep some traditional elements in there like your grandmother’s chairs or chandelier, you can choose European style oak cabinets or Shaker style maple cabinets to move from modern to vintage seamlessly. You can mix and match the door style, material, and color to make your kitchen look unique yet comfortable. Mix and match kitchens make the best of both worlds, and many designers use kitchen cabinets to make it work.

4. Clean lines

flat panel
Minimalism is sweeping the world of home design, and the kitchen is no exception. The emphasis is on clean lines for everything, from appliances to countertops, down to smooth edge profiles. Cabinet construction is also following this trend, and it is likely to extend beyond 2018. Ornate scroll work and hardware are a thing of the past, which is good news for busy homeowners. It is much easier to maintain cabinets with little or no fiddly bits, so handle less flat panels and Thermofoil cabinets are the perfect choice to match the rest of the modern kitchen.

5. Many colors

kitchen cabinets with different colors Because the minimalism trend demands cleaner lines, some homeowners are hard-pressed to make their kitchens look unique. You can do this simply by using different colors for various parts of the cabinetry. For example, you can choose lighter colors for upper cabinets, transitioning to darker colors for the base cabinets. You can also juxtapose Thermofoil base cabinets in your kitchen island with natural wood finish for your other cabinets. In fact, let your imagination run with it in any color combination you like.


Making your kitchen updated and unique through the cabinets is not that hard if you work closely with your cabinet supplier. You can use these kitchen cabinet trends to get the ball rolling on the ideas department. You don’t have to stick to all them if your own ideas run counter to them. However, it would be a great idea to incorporate one or two of them whenever possible.
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