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6 Basic Types of Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinets

Storage is essential for any kitchen, and in most cases, that means kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t matter how simple or fancy your kitchen is, kitchen cabinets are a staple in some form. Of course, there are different types of cabinets, depending on the theme of the kitchen.
This is important to know when doing a kitchen remodel. You need cabinets for storage, but since they take up a lot of kitchen real estate. You have to choose one that will look well in that space. The type of kitchen cabinet you choose will define the look of your kitchen. So, you need to think about the type of cabinet door to choose, unless you have just open shelving. Below are the 6 basic types of kitchen cabinets.


glass cabinet doors with a nice designThe simplest and one of the more expensive types of cabinet door is glass. In most cases, it is panes of glass that fit into the frame of the cabinet door. And they have to be cut precisely to go in snugly without breaking.
Glass cabinets are particularly indicated for small kitchens, because it gives an illusion of space you will not get with a solid door. You can have it clear or frosted, plain or etched, and it will still make your kitchen look larger. It is also a good choice if you want to display nice plates or glassware and protect them from dust at the same time.

It has a downside, however. You cannot have a messy cabinet if you choose glass doors. It always has to be clean and orderly as people can see what’s inside. You can get around this by choosing just certain sections to have glass doors, and choose solid doors for the rest. We typically recommend glass doors for the wall cabinets, which are eye-level, and solid doors for the base cabinets to minimize accidental breakage


louvered cabinetsIf you do not like the glass option, you can also considered louvered doors if you have a small kitchen. It is mostly solid in that horizontal slats make up the face of the cabinet. These lines fool the eye into thinking there is more space and width to the kitchen, and they make a good bid for sophistication as well.

The slats also provide some ventilation for the contents of the cabinets, a feature unique to this type of cabinet doors. It is ideal for storing plates, glasses, and flatware, or as food storage.
Louvered cabinets do cost a little more than solid cabinets and you have to work a little harder to keep it looking pristine as you have to get in between the slats. Still, it’s a good choice for small kitchens, especially for traditional ones.


Shaker-style cabinetsPlain and functional, Shaker cabinets are quite common because of those characteristics. The simple design is inspired by the Shaker style of furniture, and fits right in with the current minimalist trend. The Shaker cabinet is the perfect choice for any kind of kitchen because its simplicity makes it a good fit for any design or them.
In fact, you probably have Shaker cabinets right now. It has four narrow lengths of wood to form a rectangular frame, and a rectangular piece of wood to serve as the center panel. You can find that type of cabinet in all species of wood, colors, and finishes. It is a very versatile design and never becomes outdated, so it is an excellent style if you are going for simple and timeless.


flat laminate cabinetsThere is an even simpler style of cabinet doors, and that is the flat front. It consists of just that, a flat panel for the door. It is not particularly mind-blowing, but it has a sleek, clean look that goes well in modern kitchen designs. You can leave it streamlined, or you can add hardware to break up the lines a bit, but they should still be simple to keep them from sticking out like a sore thumb. If you are going for the minimalist look, flat cabinets are the best option, with or without the hardware.
Flat cabinets are available in solid wood, but those can be pricey. If you are not against wood substitutes, you can achieve the same look with laminates, and those are available in a wide range of colors to suit any kitchen design.


beadboard cabinets
You probably will not see many beadboard cabinets in a condo or modern kitchen. You are more likely to find them in rustic or cottage-style kitchens because that is how they used to build cabinets back in the day. Bead board cabinets are comprised of thin strips of wood bound together in a frame to form a solid front. They no longer do it that way today, however. It would make cleaning too difficult. Instead, cabinet makers use solid wood and cut parallel grooves down the length of it to simulate the look. Beadboard cabinets are not as popular as other cabinet door types, but they do lend an old-fashioned air to the kitchen.


Inset cabinets are quite expensive because it requires precise crafting. Most cabinet doors fit right over the cabinet box frame, covering it, so being a millimeter or so off with the measurement is not a big deal. Inset cabinet doors, however, fit inside the box frame and require exposed hinges, so measurements have to be exactly right. That takes a lot of skill, which is why they are more expensive than overset cabinet doors.
Inset cabinets can be any door style you want, from flat to beadboard, so it is not a design choice, but a technical one. Because it requires exposed hinges, it is not as streamlined as other types of cabinet doors, so if you are going for the sleek look, this is not the door design for you. However, inset cabinets can save a bit of space because the doors go into the box rather than over it. It is not a lot of space, but it makes a difference if you have a very small kitchen.


These 6 basic kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of colors and finishes, and they are a considerable investment. Cabinet Land Kitchen and Beyond offers a free estimate for any cabinet style you choose from our showroom in Schaumburg, Illinois, so you get exactly what you expect from your purchase. We work only with the best cabinet brands at the best prices compared to our competitors such as Advance Cabinets and Handsome Cabinets.
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