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Clever Tricks for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

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The kitchen and bathroom are where we spend time in every day, and the kitchen is particularly popular. As a result, these two rooms require more regular cleaning than any other room. Kitchen cabinets accumulate quite a good amount of grease, dust, and bacteria.
Typically, this is from opening and closing the cabinets as well as the steaming and frying you do daily. The air that comes in from the outside also brings in a bit of dust that then sticks on the surfaces in and around your kitchen cabinets. Unless you are religious about cleaning your cabinets, you could end up with quite a bit of deep-set grime.

Cleaning kitchen cabinets is a bit of a hassle, so you might be thinking of putting it off. Cleaning the insides is especially bothersome, as you must empty everything out before you can start scrubbing. However, you must do it anyway.
Cleaning kitchen cabinets is not rocket science, but you do need to know the best way to clean different surfaces. In most cases, mild detergent, clean water, and a bit of elbow grease will do the trick. To do it well without damaging the surface, you should know the tricks of the trade.

Basic cleaning materials

You will need some basic materials to keep your cabinets in spic and span condition. These include:
• Non-abrasive cleaner, preferably in liquid form – Powder detergents tend to include abrasive materials to help with scrubbing, and that is not typically good for most finishes
• Baking soda – a mild alkali dissolves dirt and grease without causing damage to most surfaces; however, it is also slightly abrasive, so do not rub it in too hard
• White vinegar –a very weak acid that works on oil and grease, loosening it to make it easier to clean off

Cleaning wood cabinets

stained wood cabinets
Wood cabinets tend to be a little finicky when it comes to getting wet. Any of the following methods are relatively mild, but you should still test it on a small area to see if it will do the trick and not cause any damage.
Mixing liquid dish detergent (which usually has grease-cutting action) with water is a good solution for removing most oil-based grime. Use a soft cloth dipped in the soap solution or a spray bottle to give all the surfaces a good going-over. Wipe the soap off using a damp rag, and then dry it off with a dry one.

You can also use a combination of white vinegar and water to cut through sticky residue from dirty fingers. If that does not do the trick, make a paste of baking soda and water, layer it on the tough areas, and allow it to dry before scraping it off with a plastic scraper or old credit card. Any deep-seated grime should come right off.
If you are up to buying a special cleaner, choose an oil soap cleaner specially designed for wood furniture, including kitchen cabinets. These commercial cleaners are available from most hardware stores, and relatively cheap. Follow instructions for use.

Cleaning painted cabinets

painted cabinets
Painted cabinets are typically a lot tougher than stained ones, so you can scrub them a little more vigorously without doing any damage to the surface. If you have acrylic (oil-based) paint for your cabinets, you can use any of the methods described for wood cabinets to a bit more purpose, as you can attack any tough stains and dirt with more enthusiasm without being afraid of ruining the finish.
Of course, even for acrylic paint, there is a point when you can scrub it off, so avoid abrasive cleansers and cleaning tools. This is especially true if the paint of your cabinets is water-based (latex). Your best option in that case is liquid dish soap and some gentle rubbing action.

Cleaning metal cabinets

metal cabinets
Metal cabinets can stand just about any abuse you can throw at it. The problem with cleaning metal cabinets is that anything abrasive will make tiny scratches on the surface, making it dull. It will not damage the metal itself, but it will not look very attractive.
Fortunately, there is no need to do any heavy scrubbing with metal cabinets. Dirt and grime usually slide right off with just as little effort.
If the cabinets are not stainless steel, using water to clean them without making sure you dry it thoroughly might cause it to rust. If you are not sure, make sure you dry the cabinets thoroughly, especially the hinges, just to be on the safe side.


Keeping your kitchen cabinets clean may seem like a chore, but you really need to get ahead of any build up. That just makes it more difficult in the end.

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