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Kitchen Remodeling with Better Lights

well lighted kitchen

Major kitchen remodeling is not always doable. Most people with smaller budgets opt to upgrade their kitchen cabinets or countertops. That is money well spent. However, most people are not aware that getting better lights will add much more value to your renovation than it costs.

If you are thinking of doing a small upgrade to your kitchen, add better lights into the mix. If you are replacing your old kitchen cabinets, for instance, you can easily add lights under the cabinet and overhead for better effect and functionality.
Many lighting options exist that can help you make your kitchen a better place. Here are some you might want to think about when planning your upgrade.

Under cabinet lighting

under cabinet lighting
One of the easiest lighting upgrade you can do at any time is under cabinet lighting. Areas under cabinets tend to be darker than the rest of the kitchen, especially when you have central lighting or you rely on natural lighting to illuminate your kitchen. Putting lights under the cabinets will make the room brighter and highlight the beauty of your countertops and floors.

Under cabinet lighting also gives you lighter with which to work on kitchen countertops. Aside from that, you can save on energy by putting on just under cabinet lights in the areas you need rather than flooding the whole place with central lights, especially if you choose LED lights. In some instances, putting on just under base cabinet lights will allow you to create a dramatic ambiance to the kitchen.
New technology has made it very easy to install under cabinet lighting without having to know anything about electrical wiring. In many cases, such as with LED strip lights and rope lights, you can simply attach it to the underside of your cabinets, hidden from sight, and plug the whole thing into an ordinary outlet. You just have to specify the length you need to the hardware store, and ask them to attach a plug to it. You can also choose to install LED light bars, which last longer, but can take a bit more effort when installing.

Recessed lighting

recessed lights in kitchen ceiling

Recessed lights are also a good way to illuminate your kitchen at strategic areas. And work best in kitchens with low ceilings if you plan to put them in the ceiling. You do need to put a number of recessed lights for proper brightness. But if you choose right, they are a more efficient way to light a kitchen than a high-wattage central light.

Recessed lights, as the term implies, goes into the ceiling, leaving very little or nothing exposed on the surface, giving your kitchen ceiling a seamless look. To achieve this effect, you need have a bit more planning, construction work and electrical know-how. You have to plan where you want them, create the holes to receive the housing, and wire it up to your switches. This is easy enough to accomplish if you are doing a renovation, so make sure you include it in your design.

Side lighting

sidelights on wall
Technically, sidelights are recessed lights you put in the wall. Side lighting is more for esthetic effect rather than function, but it can be quite useful when used strategically. It is particularly effective in kitchens with an open layout as these extend ambient lighting for nearby rooms such as the dining and living rooms.

Side lighting might shine up, down, and sideways on an object rather than out, depending on the light style, cutting the glare typical of central lighting. Sidelights typically go into notches in the wall to keep them mostly invisible, leaving only the front exposed. If you have an area that you want to highlight, or you want indirect lighting, then sidelights are ideal.
The one problem with side lighting is that you use up wall space. You can no longer put cabinets or anything on walls that have sidelights. However, if you include side lighting into your design, you may be able to work around this issue by scattering them around awkward and dead spaces in the kitchen. You can also choose to put them near or on the ceiling.

Tray ceiling lighting

tray ceiling lights
Tray ceiling lights are like under cabinet lighting, but on the ceiling. These are lights installed in kitchens with a sort of false ceiling (soffits), using the gap between it and the actual ceiling. This is a popular lighting method in many hotel lobbies, as the light is diffuse and dramatic.

You can use anything for tray ceiling lights for your kitchen. However, the best choice would be LED lights as these are energy-efficient, and do not generate heat as other types of lights do. The thing is, you need to have a soffit for it. If you do, you might be able to install them on your own.

If you do not, you will have to put one in. You can do that quite easily during a remodel, but your ceiling has to be high enough to accommodate it. Consult with your designer about putting in soffits and tray ceiling lights.
You should also note that you do have to clean that gap where the tray ceiling lights occasionally and that can be a bit of chore. However, the dramatic effect is well worth it.


Lighting should always be a major consideration during kitchen remodeling. These lighting suggestions should give you a good push in the right direction. If you need professional advice, consult a reputable firm in your area.

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