How To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet Hardware? [2023]

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets Hardware - CabinetLand

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware” refers to mainly two components of cabinetry: cabinet pulls and knobs. They are the most used parts of cabinet hardware and add up to the ambiance of a kitchen. In addition to pulls and knobs, drawer slides and cabinet hinges make up the whole kitchen cabinetry structure. Though this hardware is not visible, it must work well with pulls and knobs to properly make your kitchen cabinetry function.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware is as important as selecting the kitchen cabinets. Because in addition to their decorative and functional features, they complement your cabinets by harmonizing with the kitchen cabinet’s color and ambiance they are applied. To achieve this harmonious unity, you must keep a few things in mind before selecting the hardware.

1. Size of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The kitchen cabinet and drawer hardware sizes differ in many houses, making it difficult to determine the hardware size. For appliance pulls and cabinet pulls, it is commonly advised to have hardware that is 1/3 in terms of the drawer size or the cabinet to maintain harmony between them. For example, if you have a small drawer of 12 inches, it is advised to use a cabinet pull of 3-4 inches to be located in the middle for the best look. On the other hand, for cabinet knobs, using a one-inch knob in the middle is enough to have harmony between the knobs and the cabinets.

For the drawer slides, there needs to be a correspondence between the drawer slides’ length and the size of the cabinets to use the drawers to their full potential. You may have visual disorientation if the drawer slides are shorter or longer than your kitchen cabinet allows.

Cabinet hinges should be chosen according to the cabinet’s size and weight, so there is no long-term problem. For example, poorly installed or improper hinges can cause cabinet doors to fall when opening, leading to unnecessary repair costs.

2. Material of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The material for your kitchen cabinet hardware, such as cabinet pulls, knobs, or hinges is crucial because of the durability and feeling they give off. There are so many available materials you can choose from; however, the most commonly used ones are brass, aluminum, acrylic, and steel.

Brass, as a material, is an alloy of copper and zinc and is very sturdy and stylish with its smooth appearance. It can be used as a personal and intimate touch in minimalistic and modern kitchens with the warm feeling that comes from its yellowish color.

Aluminum is a recyclable, cheap, corrosion-resistant, and durable substance. It is a suitable choice for knobs and pulls as they require resistance against corrosion.

Acrylic is a plastic substance with excellent durability and perfect optical clarity due to its transparency, making it shine under the sunlight. It is ideal for kitchen cabinet hardware such as knobs or pulls because it can perfectly reflect light, illuminate your kitchen, and create a glamorous and luxurious atmosphere.

Steel is one of the most popular materials for kitchen cabinet hardware due to its lifelong durability and rust resistance. It is also very hygienic, as germs and bacteria cannot live on its surface. Moreover, it is environment-friendly due to being recyclable. For aesthetic purposes, it works very well with modern-looking kitchens with its solid and elegant look.  

3, Shape of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The shape of kitchen cabinet hardware, such as cabinet pulls or knobs, is crucial for visual harmony in your kitchen. This is because the hardware has a style and complementary element to your kitchen’s aura. For example, selecting a circular knob or a cabinet pull is not advisable if you have a modern kitchen with edges all around it.

If you want to create a more traditional kitchen, choosing circular pulls and knobs are suitable choices. On the other hand, opting for sharp-edged shapes, such as rectangular pulls and square knobs, are perfect if you want to make your kitchen cabinetry look more modern.

Especially if you select knobs instead of cabinet pulls, the shape is the most critical aspect. Since knobs are small, their shape will be the main thing that affects their feeling when you use them. And there are hundreds of different shapes for knobs; the most common ones are rectangular, square, mushroom, and top knobs. Moreover, for people that want uniqueness in their kitchen, there are knobs in the shapes of diamonds made from acrylic and carved wooden knobs.

4. The Finish And The Color of the Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The color and finish of your kitchen cabinet hardware are also crucial for your kitchen’s ambiance. To make the cabinet hardware demonstrate its full effect on the kitchen, select colors that contrast the primary color of your kitchen and use finishes, such as glossy or matte, to make them look even more vivid. For example, if your kitchen cabinets are beige or white, choosing dark or dark gray with a matte finish for your hardware will be best to create a nice visible contrast. This contrast will make your hardware stand out.

In addition, the finish you choose should withstand frequent use, which means corrosion-resistant. If it is not, after a while, it can degrade quickly and create an unwanted view.

Bathroom Vanities And Hardware

Like kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities play an important role in storage and decoration. They create an ambiance with their colors and the type of hardware they have. You can also use drawer pulls, hinges, knobs, and drawer slides for your bathroom vanities.

If your bathroom doesn’t have ample space and your vanity is small, drawer pulls are a good choice, as they will make your vanity look bigger. On the other hand, if your bathroom has a double vanity, using pulls or knobs is the best way to make your bathroom vanity stand out.

It would be good if you created a contrast between the color of your hardware and your vanity. If you can provide harmony, you can even select different colors for each of your knobs or pulls.

To Sum Up

Kitchen cabinet hardware offers various advantages and functions for your kitchen. They can create an ambiance and contrast with their shapes, sizes, finishes, and colors. Their material, brass, acrylic, aluminum, and steel, has different features that suit different kitchen styles. It must be durable and withstand frequent use. Similarly, bathroom vanities also benefit from suitable and proper hardware selection to create functional and aesthetic bathrooms.