How to Keep Your Countertops Clutter-Free in 2018

kitchen countertops clutter free

Your kitchen and bathroom countertops are newly installed and beautiful to look at. What can you do to ensure they remain free of clutter? This is one sure way to keep your spaces looking great for guests and visitors.

Plus, it will help to reduce the chances of the surface being scratched, stained or chipped. Dishing out money for brand new stone counters, such as granite or quartz, is an investment. So, protect your investment by finding ways to keep the countertop clutter-free.

Let’s look at some of the ideas you can use to do just that.

Build Spice Racks Beneath Your Cabinet

Kitchen with spice rack beneath cabinets

Your cabinets don’t always have the space for all the ingredients you use daily. For instance, you can build shelves underneath the cabinetry specifically for your spices.

This is a great idea if you have a lot of spices in your cupboards. Those who enjoy cooking a lot will need a special place for their herbs and spices.

Rather than stuffing them into the cabinets with your food items, you can free up space with shelving. It also gives a nice display if you place them all in matching labeled jars.


Install Bigger or More Cabinets

Kitchen or bathroom with a lot of cabinets

When you’re dealing with insufficient space, you’ll be tempted to place everything on the countertops. But if you go this route, then you’ll have a cluttered kitchen or bathroom.

To keep things aesthetically appealing, you can have more cabinets installed. The key is to either go with larger cabinets to store more items. Or you can opt to install more cabinetry around your bathroom or kitchen.

If you have extra wall space, you can clutter this up with beautiful new cabinets. Not only will this grant you more storage space, but it’ll also amplify your room design.

Install a Built-In Pull-Out Bin

Kitchen with pullout drawer for utensil storage

You can easily have this installed on your own or by an expert. You can use this compartment for storing your larger utensils, such as spatulas, cooking spoons, egg beaters and so on.

This would typically take up two vertical drawers but is very well-worth it. All the utensils sit upright, so it’s easier to spot and grab the item you need for meal prep or cooking.

Now, there are different areas of the kitchen where you can put this. For instance, it can be right next to the stove and oven or in the corner of the kitchen counter.


Raise Up Your Cabinets to the Ceiling to Add Shelling

Cabinets that reach to the ceiling

By raising up your cabinetry to the ceiling, it will help open space beneath them. The newfound space underneath your cabinets will be accessible for adding shelves.

Then you can use the shelving systems you install to hold other items you need additional space for. For instance, certain smaller appliances, dishes, pots and pans and so on.

Then there are others who use the additional space above the cabinets to hold more items. If there’s some space between the ceiling and the cabinet, then try to find things you can place here.


Use Beautiful Baskets to Store Items

Kitchen or bathroom counters with baskets to hold items

Sometimes, you need a more organized way to hold the items on your countertops. One way around this is to use beautiful woven baskets or even metal baskets to hold these things. You can do this in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom.

You can find different types of basket styles to use, as well as various sizes. Look at the items you want to keep on your counters to help determine which style of basket to get and the endurance level required.

For smaller items like spices and utensils, you can opt for a medium woven basket. Then for small appliances, you may want something sturdier, such as a metal basket.

Install a Hanging Dish Rack Over the Sink

Kitchen with hanging dish rack

Drying your dishes in an orderly fashion is key to kitchen cleanliness. Why not dump out the old-fashioned dish drainer for one that hangs over the sink?

This will allow more countertop space to be freed up. Plus, it will give you easier access to your dry dishes to put away into the cupboards.

Now, this will only work out for your kitchen if you have a cabinet that sits over your sink. Otherwise, you have nothing to attach the hanging drainer to.


Installing More Cabinets into Your Home

Maybe you like the idea of more storage space to free up your countertops. If this is the case, then you’ll need to find a company that can both supply and install the cabinets for you.

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Installing New Countertops in Your Kitchen or Bath

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