The Top Benefits of Bathroom Cabinets


Most people expect kitchens to have cabinets, because after all, there’s a lot to store in the kitchen. The bathroom, not so much. Sure, you have towels and toiletry supplies, but those usually go on shelves in some area of the bathroom, or a linen closet in the hallway. However, bathroom cabinets are actually a great idea. It is a good way to make your bathroom a lot more functional, and it even improves the way it looks if you choose right. Here are the top benefits of bathroom cabinets.

Out of sight

open cabinet showing stuff

The most obvious benefit of a bathroom cabinet is keeping your stuff safely out of sight. Shelves let you store most things, but they leave them out in the open instead of behind closed doors. That’s fine if you just have neat piles of color coordinate towels and bathrobes. However, if you have jumble of old towels, rolls of toilet paper, hairdryers, hair irons, deodorant, hair products, and whatnot, you want them out of sight.
Bathroom cabinets can also hide unsightly pipes for your bathroom sinks, as well as provide support for your granite or engineered quartz countertops. Under the sink is a good place to hide cleaning products, the toilet brush, sponges, and the rest. Those closed doors are very useful in a bathroom.

Out of mind

organized drawers


Cabinets are easier to organize than shelves are. You can put in baskets and pullouts, and hooks inside cabinet doors to keep everything in place. If you choose to have drawers as well, you can harness all the loose stuff such as clips, razors, hairbrushes, and so on with some store-bought or DIY organizers.


Out of space

shallow cabinet behind bathroom door
While most bathrooms have cabinets serve as a vanity under the sink, there is no reason why you cannot have them on the wall as well. You will find quite a few dead spaces on your bathroom walls that will fit the bill. The wall directly behind an open door, for instance, is a good place to put a small, shallow cabinet to store extra soap, toilet rolls, and shampoo.
Fit your wall cabinets with towel bars, and you have a handy place to hang damp and dry towels separately. You might even use them to hang hand-washed and delicate clothes that you cannot dry in a regular dryer. If you have the space for it, you can go for putting in cabinets to keep a television, sound system, whatever you want.

If your bathroom has awkward spaces, you may need custom cabinets to make the most of it. A reputable cabinet store can help you find high quality custom cabinets to fit your budget.

Out for all to see

modern cabinets in modern bathroom


However, space efficiency is not the only benefit of bathroom cabinets. Just like with the kitchen, bathroom cabinets can give the room a whole new look and vibe. Great looking bathroom cabinets can elevate your bathroom from the boring to the bombastic, depending on your choices.
You can go for the traditional, Victorian style or the ultra modern sleek style. Your vanities can come with Jack and Jill sinks, or they can be floor to ceiling cabinets. You can even put a love-seat in there facing a fireplace if you have the space and inclination for it. That will surely make your bathroom the place to be. Whatever you need, these are all available from top cabinet manufacturers.

Out of pocket

rta cabinets bathroom
Budget is always something you hav6ye to consider when buying bathroom cabinets. Custom cabinets tend to be the most expensive, but they are the best for awkward spaces. However, if your budget does not allow for custom cabinets, you can go for semi-custom cabinets. They are not as flexible as custom ones, but you can change the depth and the door fronts.
You can also go for stock or RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets, which are more affordable than either custom or semi-custom cabinets. RTA base cabinets come in standard sizes but there are quite a few options. The height ranges from 30 to 42 inches, width from 12 to 48 inches, depth from 12 to 36 inches.

Out of choices

same base cabinet shown in kitchen and in bathroomBathroom cabinets are almost precisely like kitchen cabinets. When you go to a cabinet supplier looking for cabinets for your bathroom, chances are they will show you the same ones they would offer you for the kitchen. This is because you have more flexibility with cabinets, especially when you want one for your vanity.

Stock vanities are in very limited options as opposed to base cabinet. You might go to several cabinet suppliers and big box stores and not find the one you need. On the other hand, you will probably find the exact size cabinet you need at a reputable cabinet supplier. Forget about a vanity, and have your remodeler retrofit the base cabinet to serve as a vanity. You may not be able to add in drawers in the area of the sink, but you can add them lower down and on the sides. Top it with marble or granite, and you have a great-looking, highly functional vanity.

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