Why Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Never Go Out Of Style


Shaker-style kitchen cabinets have an enduring appeal, tracing their origins to the Shaker Christian Community, known for its practical and frugal lifestyle. Shaker cabinets are characterized by their simple yet sturdy design, typically crafted from wood like maple or birch, and featuring clean lines with recessed or flat centerpieces.

In contemporary kitchen renovations, Shaker-style cabinets are increasingly favored for their versatility and minimalist aesthetic, seamlessly blending with various design themes. White, gray, and black Shaker cabinets are highlighted as popular choices, each offering a distinctly modern look while maintaining functionality.

Shaker cabinets also have practical benefits, such as their sturdy construction, flexibility to adapt to different design styles, and cost-effectiveness compared to full cabinet replacements. Shaker cabinets add elegance and charm to any kitchen space, whether painted or left with a natural wood grain finish.

Kitchen remodeling can cost you a hefty investment, especially without proper planning and budgeting. Aside from countertops, recreating your kitchen cabinetry is one of the most daunting tasks for this project. Nevertheless, you have shaker-style kitchen cabinets to address this concern.

When it comes to achieving a timeless and minimalist theme for a kitchen renovation, a custom shaker cabinet best fits the purpose. In modern home remodeling projects, minimalism and a combination of traditional and modern design are the trending concepts.

Continue reading to find more of the reasons and benefits of choosing shaker cabinets for your kitchen renovation escapade.

Brief History of Shaker Cabinets

This simple, sturdy, and versatile cabinet design came from the Shaker Christian Community. Their core belief is living a frugal and practical life which can be depicted from their self-made furniture.

Besides the lack of fancy designs, consistency, and sturdiness can be seen in their furniture style, which lasts for a lifetime. The usual wood used in their craft include chestnut, maple, birch, and pine.

Shaker Cabinets – Defined

Custom shaker cabinets are usually made from maple or birch wood, but some are now made from medium-density fiber (MDF) to drive down costs. This simple and versatile cabinet design is composed of four rails on the sides and a recessed or flat centerpiece.

Despite its straightforward appearance, it greatly fits the modern minimalist theme today. With the right paint and hardware, you can strike a balance between traditional and modern design.

Contemporary Kitchen Renovation with Shaker Style Cabinets

Most homeowners are becoming more practical when it comes to choosing design and functionality for their remodeling projects. Fancy designs are still there, but minimalism and utilitarian approaches have dominated the field. In that case, shaker wall cabinets best fit the season.

The unwavering simplicity of this cabinetry proved to be highly useful and flexible in adapting different themes and designs for your renovation. You can see that in the streamlined design of its rails and centerpiece.

White Shaker Cabinets

White shaker style cabinets are a thing for modern kitchen renovation. It creates a smooth, vibrant, and contemporary flair in your room. Likewise, it is recommended for those with smaller kitchen and bathroom areas.

Gray Shaker Cabinets

If you want something that is not stark white, then gray shaker cabinets are a good option. This color complements the metallic and chrome-plated finish inside your kitchen area. Likewise, it looks appealing with any wooden furniture and accessory inside the room.

Black Shaker Cabinets

Meanwhile, to achieve a dramatic feel in your renovated kitchen, a black shaker cabinet can do well. This color hue is quickly catching a trend in modern kitchen remodeling. When paired with white granite or quartz countertops, it creates an impactful contrasting or two-color theme.

Best Reasons To Go for Shaker Cabinets

The functionality and flexibility of custom shaker cabinets make it a strong option for most kitchen remodeling. Check out the best reasons and benefits of choosing this kitchen cabinetry style.

1. Sturdy Built

The horizontal and vertical railing of this cabinetry style prevents denting of edges. Likewise, the rectangular shape of your kitchen cabinets helps avoid sagging and save up space. Creating this cabinetry style is truly amazing and smart.

2. Flexible for Any Design

Choosing a custom shaker cabinet style is a smart choice because it can fit well with any theme and design. You can adapt this style and get a balance with a rustic and modern appearance. Moreover, you can apply the front design of this cabinetry for other things like drawers and panels.

3. Highly Economical

Completely replacing your kitchen cabinets would cost much more compared to converting them into a shaker-style cabinet. Refacing and refinishing even lends a higher cost than shaker wall cabinets. When you choose to have this cabinetry style, make sure to allocate enough time to complete this project.

4. Stylish Finish – Painted or Natural Wood Grain

Custom shaker cabinets look elegant whether painted or simply enjoying their natural wood grain. For modern kitchen themes, choose lighter hues for your paint to achieve a fresh and vibrant appeal.

Inline, white shaker style cabinets are a common choice for contemporary kitchen design. It creates an airy and oasis-like ambiance around your kitchen space. Meanwhile, a wood grain finish exhibits a rustic or farmhouse theme.


We hope to have clearly explained the benefits of choosing this style of kitchen cabinetry. Shaker cabinets strongly symbolize minimalism with huge flexibility in design.

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