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Vent Fans in Bathroom

Reasons to Include Vent Fans in Bathroom Remodeling

Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms are a great way to make a home more functional as well as marketable. Bathroom remodeling is also a good time to address issues you might have, like a bad layout, broken tiles, or leaky pipes. While these are certainly important, many people overlook something equally important: ventilation. Bathrooms need a lot of ventilation, especially if there is no window. Some local building codes address this by making the installation of vent fans a requirement. However, even if this is not true in your case, you should still include vent fans in your design. Here are the reasons to include vent fans in bathroom remodeling. Remove bad smells Most people put in vent fans to remove smells typically associated with bathroom

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kitchen with a small gap between wall cabinet top and ceiling

Dealing with Wasted Space on Top of Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens usually come in standard heights and dimensions so most people can work comfortably in them. Kitchen cabinets are particularly important as they determine the height and width of the work-space and storage. They come in two variants: wall cabinets and base cabinets. Base cabinets are usually about 36 inches from the floor with countertops. Installers usually hang wall cabinets from 18 to 20 inches above the base cabinets, which is high enough to prevent most people from hitting their heads on it when working on kitchen countertops. It is also low enough for most people to access the contents of cabinets without too much trouble. These standard heights are with respect to the floor. Since the height of the ceiling is typically eight feet

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side-by-side kitchens with granite countertops

Granite versus Solid Surface for Kitchen Countertops

Solid surface products have a lot going for it as an option for kitchen countertops, which makes it a viable alternative to granite. Many homeowners often have to think carefully about making a choice between the two materials. They worry about choosing the wrong material for their own homes as this is a significant investment. Reviews are not much help as those that chose one or the other make good cases for each one. Here we compare granite countertops to solid surface for kitchen countertops to help you make an informed decision. Granite basics Granite countertops are popular because most people associate it with upscale kitchens, but most people know little about granite as a s material. The main thing about granite is it is

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kitchen with awful countertops

Color Facts about Top Materials for Countertops

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which is why homeowners and home-buyers alike give it so much importance. Most people spend more time in the kitchen than any other room during their waking hours. Whether you plan to sell your home for a good price or simply enjoy living in it yourself, it makes sense to make the kitchen as welcoming and attractive as possible. A good way to do that is to put in top quality kitchen countertops. You will not even have to spend very much with that kind of upgrade, and the returns are great in terms of function as well as value. Some people claim that you gain back whatever you put into kitchen countertops, so that is good

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unappealing guest bathroom

Cheap Tricks for Bathroom Remodeling

Some homes are fortunate enough to have a powder room or guest bathroom people can use when they come and visit. Unfortunately, since you do not use guest bathrooms on a daily basis, they may not get as much attention as you would give to a regular bathroom. They also tend to become a repository for stuff that you only use on occasion, if at all. As a result, they tend to be less appealing. This is a mistake, especially if you are planning to sell your home. Guest bathrooms are the first thing people see when they visit, and might make a bad impression you will have to work hard to overcome with the rest of the home. Bathroom remodeling could do wonders in

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kitchen cabinets

Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets You Really Need

Any kitchen is sure to have some type of storage, and that usually takes the form of kitchen cabinets. Aside from storage, kitchen cabinets are also an integral part of the kitchen’s design. Kitchen cabinets represent a considerable investment, so it is important to choose good quality products that will last a long time. However, quality RTA or mass-produced cabinets have standard dimensions, so they may not always provide the kind of storage you need for everything. Most cabinetmakers know this, so they usually offer a line of storage accessories you can use to supplement kitchen cabinets. The design of these accessories will allow you to maximize your storage space and let you use your space most efficiently. Drawers The most common accessories you will

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wood countertops

Why Wood Does Not Work Well as Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen with wood countertops look very homey and rustic, and many people love the effect. The warmth and naturalness of wood work in any type of kitchen, and its beauty and grace increases over the years. Additionally, wood is biodegradable, so if it comes from sustainable sources, it is friendly to the environment. This is why the most popular material for kitchen cabinets is still wood. With all its advantages, you would think that wood countertops would be a great idea. However, wood does not work well as kitchen countertops as it does for kitchen cabinets. Below are some of the reasons why people opt for granite, marble, or quartz for kitchen countertops instead of wood. Fewer options Despite the beauty of wood, it has

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well lighted kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling with Better Lights

Major kitchen remodeling is not always doable. Most people with smaller budgets opt to upgrade their kitchen cabinets or countertops. That is money well spent. However, most people are not aware that getting better lights will add much more value to your renovation than it costs. If you are thinking of doing a small upgrade to your kitchen, add better lights into the mix. If you are replacing your old kitchen cabinets, for instance, you can easily add lights under the cabinet and overhead for better effect and functionality. Many lighting options exist that can help you make your kitchen a better place. Here are some you might want to think about when planning your upgrade. Under cabinet lighting One of the easiest lighting upgrade

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Kitchen Remodeling

Different Sink Types for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling involves many elements, so it would be understandable putting the choice of kitchen sink on the back burner. You might think that it does not make that much of a difference. You would be wrong. The kitchen sink is an integral and functional part of your kitchen, and you need to give it more attention. Your choice of sink can have a profound effect on the way your kitchen looks and works. Here is some of the different sink types for kitchen remodeling you should know. Rimmed sinks Sometimes called a top mounted or drop-in sink, the rimmed sink is the one you are most likely to find in many kitchens. It is the most affordable type of sink of its kind, and

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bathroom remodel

How to Choose a Contractor to Upgrade Kitchen and Bathrooms

The investment involved in a major upgrade of kitchen and bathrooms enough to make an average homeowner blench. But it is well worth it. Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen can increase the market of your home by about as much as you put into it. If you do choose to upgrade kitchen and bathrooms, you must get the right professionals to do it. Any type of major upgrade in those rooms tends to be disruptive. But the right contractor can make it as easy and pleasant as possible. The wrong one can make it a living hell, and expensive besides, more so if you try to do it yourself. Here is how to choose a contractor to upgrade kitchen and bathrooms. Get quotes The first

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