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modern white kitchen

Reasons to Choose White to Upgrade Kitchens

Many people take the opportunity to follow design trends when planning to upgrade kitchens. The problem with trends is they typically have a short shelf life, so it might not be a good idea to go whole hog into a particular trend. Kitchen upgrades can be pricey, so you do not want to invest too heavily on trends that might be outdated in a couple of years. You want to choose upgrades that will stand the test of time. A trend that has proven to do just that is white kitchens. You might be surprised at the reasons behind the enduring popularity of white kitchens. Some people might disagree with the classic appeal of a white kitchen, but they would be in the minority. Here

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beautiful bathroom

Three Reasons to Hire Bathroom Remodeling Professionals

How-to videos proliferate on the Internet, and you can theoretically do anything if you have some DIY skills and follow the detailed instructions. While this might be an exciting prospect for many because of the anticipated sense of accomplishment, not to mention the cost savings, there may not be the successful conclusion you expect for some projects. Bathroom remodeling is particularly problematic. Minor upgrades such as replacing faucets or putting in a vanity might be doable for some people, but anything major such as replacing a bathtub, putting in a new toilet, or re-configuring the layout might be much more than any amateur can handle. The scope is typically extensive and requires considerable skills. Instead of the flush of success and money in your pocket,

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Kitchen granite countertops

Cost Factors of Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Are you wondering if you can afford granite countertops for your kitchen? Granite countertops, after all, lend a look of luxury and elegance to a kitchen, so the price may be beyond the average budget. It can be, but that depends on the choices you make when getting a quote for your kitchen. Many factors impinge on the overall cost of granite countertops. On average, you can spend about $100 per square foot, installed. In some cases, that can go as high as $200 per square foot. If that sounds a bit much for you, you will be glad to know that you can just as easily find a supplier to fabricate and install kitchen countertops of granite for as low as $45 per square

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nice kitchen with cabinets

Clever Tricks for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen and bathroom are where we spend time in every day, and the kitchen is particularly popular. As a result, these two rooms require more regular cleaning than any other room. Kitchen cabinets accumulate quite a good amount of grease, dust, and bacteria. Typically, this is from opening and closing the cabinets as well as the steaming and frying you do daily. The air that comes in from the outside also brings in a bit of dust that then sticks on the surfaces in and around your kitchen cabinets. Unless you are religious about cleaning your cabinets, you could end up with quite a bit of deep-set grime. Cleaning kitchen cabinets is a bit of a hassle, so you might be thinking of putting

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kitchen cabinets

Facts about Particleboard and Plywood for Kitchen Cabinets

All solid wood construction for kitchen cabinets is a thing of the past. Sure, you can still find them, especially if you get custom cabinets, but they are quite pricey. It is rare to find them in prefab cabinets, such as standard and semi-custom lines. However, most people prefer to stain their kitchen cabinets, and for that, you need solid wood. Many cabinetmakers struck a compromise. They use solid wood for the cabinet doors and the frames, and use plywood or particleboard for the cabinet box. This makes kitchen cabinets much more affordable. On the other hand, the cabinet boxes bear the brunt of the weight of its contents, so it must be quite sturdy. You will have to be careful when making your choice

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granite countertops

Lies People Still Believe about Granite Countertops

Granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops in the US and many parts of the world when it became much more affordable to more people. However, many people know very little about granite, so they are more likely to believe the lies, or at least misleading statements, that circulate online about granite countertops. Some homeowners want to use granite for their kitchen countertops, but hesitate because of misconceptions about granite. If you are in this situation, this article will help you make the right decision. Here are some of the common lies people still believe about granite countertops. Granite will kill you One of the worst lies spread about granite is that it emits high levels of radon gas, and therefore a health hazard

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Choosing Vanity Edges for Bathroom Remodeling

Choosing Vanity Edges for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom vanities are very useful features that do not always get the attention it deserves. Many bathrooms do not even have them because of space constraints. However, if you are planning on bathroom remodeling, you should seriously consider putting one in, even if it means knocking down a wall. Bathroom vanities can provide much needed storage and work space, so it is well worth the trouble. If you do plan to put in a vanity, or if you already have one, then you should definitely choose the vanity top carefully. You want one that will be beautiful as well as durable, and your best choices would be granite, marble, or quartz stone. Whichever one you choose, your next decision would be the edge profile. These

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Fabuwood kitchen cabinets

The Lowdown on Materials Used for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are not likely to occupy a lot of your attention unless you have an issue with them and you need to replace, or you plan a renovation. In either case, you will probably need to know more about basic facts about the kitchen cabinets you are about to choose. One of these is the material. You might think that each material is much like the other, but that is not really the case. You have a choice of wood or metal, usually stainless steel. If you choose wood, you have still many other options. Here is the lowdown on materials use for kitchen cabinets with a short description to help you with your choice. Solid wood As you might imagine, solid wood means

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Kitchen Remodeling

A Practical Guide for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be a very stressful undertaking, but also very satisfying if done correctly. Most homeowners trust to their suppliers and remodeling contractor to carry it out, but you can do some things to help get the best results. Here is a practical guide for kitchen remodeling. Choose a layout that works for you Your kitchen is a primarily work area. The layout can affect the flow of work more than anything else, so you must choose one based on the way you typically use it. Kitchen remodeling is an excellent opportunity to create a kitchen that fits you like a glove. To do this, take the time to think about how you work in the kitchen. Some people like to assemble everything they

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kitchen with granite countertops

How to Remove Stains from Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are like a battlefield. Everything that you do in the kitchen will end up on the countertops in some way. In many cases, is will involve some type of liquid, and some of them can be quite nasty. You need kitchen countertops that can take a beating. Granite is extremely durable, and with the proper seal applied when needed, it is quite stain resistant. However, it is important not that impregnating sealers typically used for granite just delays the absorption of liquids, but you still need to clean up any spills as soon as they occur. If you leave these spills for a long time, the granite might develop stains. Some of these seem as if they will never come out. Fortunately, that

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